In March, you can enjoy flowers and enjoy outdoor outings

In March, the temperature in the province rose significantly, with beautiful spring and gorgeous flowers. The reporter learned from the major local scenic spots, travel agencies and online tourism platforms that Guangzhou tourists enjoy flowers with high enthusiasm, and citizens prefer to experience rural tourism in depth, soak warm soup, taste delicious food, and participate in various outdoor sports.


One-hour drive around: focus on flower appreciation+hot springs and parks


Starting from the urban area, within an hour’s drive from the surrounding area, citizens can also enjoy hot springs, specialty food and theme parks while enjoying flowers.


In Conghua, hundreds of flowers are in full bloom in Shimen National Forest Park, and nearly 100 mu of peach blossoms have been in full bloom in the Peach Blossom Garden. At the same time, the Tianrenshan Land Art Park is full of flowers. After entering the park from the tourist center, a large sea of rape flowers came in front of us, and the air was filled with refreshing fragrance of flowers. After enjoying flowers, tourists can also enjoy hot springs. Conghua has rich hot spring resources.


The rape flowers in Hongshan Village, Timian Town, and Lantian Village, Chini Town, Huadu are in full bloom; A tree in Huadu Lake National Wetland Park, the purple wind chime, has blossomed brilliantly. Visitors can also enjoy the palace powder bauhinia. In addition to enjoying flowers, playing theme parks, experiencing ice and snow and new projects are becoming new choices for many citizens. In Guangzhou Rongchuang Snow World, citizens can not only invite professional coaches to learn the basic knowledge of skiing, but also choose different difficulty tracks according to their own skills. In addition, tourists can also visit the new project of Guangzhou Rongchuang Park – Guangzhou Star Tower. Visitors can view the park from a different angle when they board the viewing platform, the highest position of the Star Tower in Guangzhou.


The comprehensive scenic spots, about an hour’s drive away, are popular with female tourists. Starting from Guangzhou, it’s only a few minutes’ drive to Shunde. The hydrangeas in Lingnan Heyuan in Shunde are entering the best viewing period, with a large sea of hydrangeas blooming on both sides of the path from Yilan Pavilion to Fanruofang. After that, citizens can go to PLUS, the Happy Coast of Shunde Overseas Chinese Town, to go shopping, taste special food and play theme park. The Senbora, located in Fogang, can not only soak in hot springs, but also watch the peacock flowers, yellow flowers, windbell trees, and so on. The Wonderful World Bobi Sheep Paradise, Fantastic Jurassic, Adorable Paradise, and Wonderful Wetland Island are especially popular with children.


Two-day tour in the province: “Multi-point flowering” to help high-quality rural tour


The local travel agency mainly focuses on the intra-provincial tour products for about two days, among which, “flower appreciation+food”, “flower appreciation+hot spring”, “flower appreciation+handicraft”, “flower appreciation+light hiking” and other complex flower appreciation tour routes are most popular in the market. Local travel agencies have carefully designed high-quality rural tourism routes in the province around the outing and flower appreciation, integrated the local unique cultural heritage, added fashionable fashion elements to attract tourists, and promoted the development of rural tourism in the direction of diversification, refinement and high-end.


Guangdong Province is rich in hot springs and flower destinations, and citizens have a wide range of options for self-driving travel. According to the relevant personage of Guangzhou Travel, tourists can go to Yuntai Mountain, Nanlang Town, Zhongshan to enjoy the yellow flowers and Suzuki, and stay in Zhongshan Hot Spring Hotel; Go to Kaiping Diaolou to enjoy the rape flower, stay at Enping Mountain Spring Bay Hot Spring Hotel, or Enping Aibinong Spring Forest Hotel; Go to Xinxing Tianlu Mountain to enjoy the terraced flowers and stay in the surrounding hot spring hotels. Guangdong CTS has launched the “Product · Flower Appreciation Industrial Tour”, including the Yuewang Mountain in Heyuan, the Nongfu Mountain Spring Base, and the two-day tour of the Peach Blossom Garden in Lianping, to meet the diversified tourism needs of tourists.


To the north of Guangzhou, Qingyuan 2-day tour has become very mature. Among them, peach blossom, as the city flower of Lianzhou, has the unique advantages of wide area, colorful flowers, long flowering period and large pattern. In the Underground River and Huangchuan Three Gorges Scenic Spot, as well as Longping Town and Longtan Town, citizens can enjoy peach blossoms from various angles such as waterfront and mountain areas. On the return trip, you can also go to Gulong Gorge, which is adjacent to Qingyuan City, where thousands of flowers are used to create a 3D theme “flower market” of water, land and air.