Yunding Ski Park pursues perfect details

As a special terrain stadium built near the mountain, the barrier-free facilities of Yunding Ski Park are slightly different from many other venues. In addition to building basic barrier-free supporting facilities in strict accordance with relevant regulations, Yunding Ski Park highlights the respect for disabled athletes in some details. According to Chen Chen, the Paralympic integration and coordination manager of Yunding Ski Park, the guarantee of barrier-free facilities mainly depends on the perfect pursuit of details.


“In fact, barrier-free facilities require details. For example, there should be no gap between the two ‘berms’ laid to cover the cable, because there will be a wheelchair stuck.” Chen Chengang gave an example to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter in an interview, in order to explain the importance of details. For disabled athletes, their demand for barrier-free facilities is chain-like. Once they get stuck at the first point, this feeling is very bad. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, Yunding Ski Park has almost done its best in every link, leaving no dead ends and pursuing perfection in details.


According to Chen Chen, Yunding Ski Park has a total of 80 barrier-free facilities in three sites during the Winter Olympics, including 40 wooden ramps and 27 barrier-free toilets, which will continue to be used during the Winter Paralympic Games. During the transition between the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games, the venues have made 17 improvements and adjustments in the closed loop according to the actual situation. For example, the waterproof performance of the ramp has been improved. For the cracks that may occur after the use of the wooden ramp, timely treatment has also been made during the transition period.


In addition, because the mixed interview area is set on the snow field, in order to facilitate the travel of journalists using wheelchairs, the venue has adjusted the slope and anti-skid treatment to ensure the smooth process.


Due to his experience in the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, Chen Chen is very clear about the needs of disabled people in accessibility facilities, so he also pays special attention to some minor adjustments in his work. In his words, we should pay attention to the integrity of the whole streamline. “For example, the gap of the ‘berm’ that I mentioned just now, and the width of the entrance and exit, we all set the width of 1.8 meters, the height of the tables and chairs in the room are also 65 to 80 centimeters, and of course, the baffle of the mixed mining area is lowered to the appropriate height, and so on. These are all the details that we care about.” Chen Chen told the Beiqing Daily reporter.


It is because of these attention to the details that the athletes and media reporters who came here to participate in the competition realized the convenience of barrier-free facilities. When asked if anyone had raised any questions after the start of the game, Chen Chen said that so far, there has not been any. He also bluntly pointed out that in fact, no feedback is the best feedback, because it shows that all previous work has been done in place and details have been grasped.