Why do PCB boards often do bad?


I don’t know if the students have broken the PCB board? It’s a fabricated board. It doesn’t work. I did. Twice in my memory. Why do the same mistakes happen so many times? Here are the details.

The process of PCB board doing bad

These two times are roughly like this, the production documents will be sent to the board factory. After returning to the board, a look at the PCB, originally a plug-in HDMI seat, through the hole actually did not drill, directly destroyed.

If there is a problem, the delay of the construction period is naturally one thing, but also have to find out who will back this pot?

Either the design is faulty or the production files are misdirected

Or the board factory did it wrong

1, first check the design: check the PCB package, the seat is really designed through the hole is no problem, and then import the production file into the CAM350 to test, you can see that there are holes.

2, call the board factory, ask them why they made no holes in the board, the answer is that they made a mistake, and then free redo.

At this point, the pot was successfully dumped to the pcb board HMI factory.

However, this kind of unpunched thing happens again later, so that the subsequent board has to remind the board factory to check the through hole of the seat. For a long time, I was confused about this problem, why would the board factory do it wrong? And most of the cases are no problem, a small number of cases do wrong, they should be professional, this kind of thing should not happen.

Later, I stumbled upon the problem.

Why do PCB boards often do bad?