What kinds of skin care products do you have

What kinds of skin care products are cleanser, toner, plain cream, mask, lotion, cream, eye cream, serum, isolation, sunscreen;

Face wash: face wash is very important, makeup is also very important, face wash is the dirt off the face;

Toner: It is the secondary cleaning and skin repair after makeup removal. It is recommended to choose the formula with no alcohol and high water content, which can fully moisten and adjust the state of the skin;

Whitening cream: It is a kind of skin care products with toning function, which can improve the moisturizing effect of skin after application. In addition, it also has a base makeup concealer function;

Facial mask: is applied to the face of beauty care products, for the skin to replenish moisture;

Lotion: liquid cream cosmetics, has a good moisturizing effect, but also has the effect of moisturizing;

Face cream: is the most important step of basic skin care, the ingredients in face cream can be well absorbed by the skin, but also can moisten the skin moisturizing effect;

Eye cream: for the eye skin nutrition is insufficient, easy to produce wrinkles, so there is the existence of eye cream;

Essence: Higher nutrient content than ordinary lotion, can relieve tight dry skin, in addition, essence usually does not contain alcohol, will not irritate the skin, it helps balance the skin pH, keep the skin natural balance, make clean skin to restore the state of hydration, better absorb follow-up care products;

Isolation cream: It is an important skin care product to protect the skin. The protective agent has the effect of isolating UV rays. It is essentially a sunscreen.

Sunscreen: It refers to the cosmetics added with sunscreen, which can block or absorb ultraviolet rays to prevent the skin from tanning and sunburn. According to the principle of sunscreen, sunscreen can be divided into physical and chemical