What factors need to be considered in the design of beauty equipment?

Beauty apparatus is an important tool indispensable in daily beauty care, and with the increasing demand of consumers for beauty, there are more and more beauty apparatus on the market. But as a new product, how to make a breakthrough, become the focus of market attention and achieve long-term development?

01 Design concept of beauty instrument

1、Handheld beauty instrument design concept

Customer problem: Customers have key technology and raw materials, but lack of mainstream products. Now there are many beauty instrument products in the market, how can customers integrate their key technologies and produce their own brand products.

Wealth creation: Develop the product from the perspective of innovative design and solve the packaging design problem. This study considers the customer market situation, discovers the potential needs of customers, fully considers the application preferences of different age groups, integrates human-machine specifications, calculates the optimal holding ratio, and selects internal components to diversify the entire product.

User identification: offline customer survey analysis: tracking interviews, obtaining feedback data from different users, and slicing and analyzing.

Upgrading and enhancement: Due to the portability of the product, great importance is attached to ergonomics. Throughout the project promotion, we continue to use 3D printing models to verify the whole specification and holding ratio to ensure that the most suitable holding method is found.

2、Handheld beauty instrument design solution

(1). Structural design + selection of electronic components + supplier supporting facilities. Cooperate with customers and select components offline to ensure the integrity of the overall design from within and recommend quality suppliers to ensure the new design is landed.

(2). Establish family DNA, establish the initial product design language, and build product features from the inside out.

02 What factors should be considered in the appearance design of beauty instruments?

Beauty instrument appearance design is an important factor to enhance user experience and increase product attractiveness.

1、Why pay attention to the appearance design of beauty apparatus

Among many beauty instruments, appearance design is the first impression that attracts users. A beautiful appearance design can increase the product brand recognition and enhance consumers’ desire to buy. In addition, reasonable consideration of ergonomics and user experience, appearance design can also bring users a more comfortable and convenient use of the experience.

2、Pay attention to ergonomic design

Beauty instrument appearance design display should consider ergonomic principles to ensure that the contact surface of the instrument and the human body in line with the human body curve, to avoid discomfort in the process of use. At the same time, the ergonomic design can also improve the efficiency of use and reduce user fatigue.

3、Focus on details and texture

Appearance design not only includes the overall shape, but also includes details and texture. Choose a beautifully designed, textured beauty apparatus, not only to enhance the pleasure of using, but also to increase the high-end sense of the product and brand image.

4、Diverse color matching

Color matching can directly affect the user’s emotions and use experience. Choose a color with a harmonious, aesthetic design, can make users feel happy and relaxed in the use of the process, to enhance the effect of beauty care.

5, personalized appearance design

Different groups of people have different needs for the appearance of beauty instruments. Some consumers pay more attention to personalized and customized appearance design, in line with their unique aesthetic and personality style of beauty instruments will be more popular.

The appearance design of beauty instruments plays an important role in the market competition of products. Layout ergonomics, attention to detail and texture, diverse color matching and personalization are all factors to be considered in the appearance design of beauty instruments.

03 How to achieve differentiation in beauty instrument design?

1、Understand the market trend

Before starting the design, you need to understand the types, forms and functions of beauty instruments in the market, as well as the popular trends. Mastering the market trend will help to develop more targeted design solutions and highlight the differentiation advantages of the products.

2、 Positioning target users

There are many users of beauty instruments, such as beauty care providers, beauty salons, individual users, etc. Need to differentiate positioning according to different user needs, use habits, psychological characteristics and other aspects, to ensure that the product can meet user needs and enhance user experience.

3、 Insist on innovative design

Differentiated beauty apparatus design needs to keep pace with the times, constantly technological innovation, the product design into a unique leading edge. For example, in the product appearance design to highlight their brand characteristics, or in the technology to achieve differentiated innovation, so that the product is more convenient and comfortable to use, thereby improving user satisfaction.

4, pay attention to the practicality and safety of the product

Regardless of the design of the beauty apparatus, practicality and safety are key elements that cannot be ignored. In the design of the differentiation, you need to consider the product form, product materials, product use when the risk factors and other factors to ensure the safety and practicality of the product.

5、 Consider the integration of the whole series of products with the same brand

In the beauty apparatus design differentiation at the same time, you also need to consider the integration of the entire brand’s product line, to maintain a consistent brand image in product design, to produce a sense of mutual cooperation in the product line, to improve the overall image of the brand and market competitiveness.

Differentiated beauty instruments are the key for companies to keep getting market attention and win market share. The design of new products should keep up with market trends and user needs, highlight the company’s brand characteristics, meet the actual needs of users, and make overall considerations in terms of product safety, practicality, and integration to build up the company’s brand image and brand advantages so as to achieve success.

What factors need to be considered in the design of beauty equipment?