What are the Feng Shui taboos of floor-to-ceiling windows in home Feng Shui

Maybe many people buy a house and hope that the room can have the floor-to-ceiling windows they like when decorating the room. With the development of society, floor-to-ceiling windows are gradually appearing in front of our eyes. Especially sea view rooms, more houses have floor-to-ceiling windows. But the feng shui of floor-to-ceiling windows may also affect the fortune of a family. So, next, let us take a look at the Feng Shui taboos of floor-to-ceiling windows!

Traditional Feng Shui believes that the entrance door is where the air is located, representing the mouth of a person; while the window is dominated by essence, just like a person’s eyes. Under normal circumstances, it is generally not recommended that residential windows be larger than doors. In modern homes, large floor-to-ceiling windows and windows of various shapes are often designed for the purpose of lighting the sun and visual aesthetics. Although the windows have the effect of lighting, too much light will form evil spirits and affect people’s emotions and moods. , health and fortune. In fact, these have essentially violated the prosperous house standard of home Fengshui to store wind and gather energy.

“If something is accomplished, it must be used.” The famous German philosopher Hegel also said, “Existence is rational.” Although floor-to-ceiling windows essentially violate the requirements of home Fengshui to store wind and absorb energy, we can take corresponding measures to remedy the inherent deficiencies of floor-to-ceiling windows, restrain unfavorable factors, and maximize the effectiveness of floor-to-ceiling windows. #Feng Shui#

1. Effectively control sunlight exposure

In most parts of China, especially in the northern regions, floor-to-ceiling windows are used. In summer, there is plenty of sunlight, which can easily cause the indoor temperature to rise; while in winter, it is cold, which will cause a large loss of indoor temperature. Although it is true to say that the light is angry, but if the light is too large, it will form a light evil, which will have some positive and negative effects on people’s spirit, physique, health and fortune. Therefore, it is very necessary to control the exposure to sunlight. When summer comes, you can use curtains or blinds for coordination, such as yellow, beige, white, and milky white curtains. On the one hand, light-colored curtains have a good effect on sunlight reflection, which can effectively reduce the indoor temperature; on the other hand, summer belongs to fire, and the five elements of yellow and beige belong to soil. role. Placing green plants with large leaves can also play a regulating role. #ZhouYi#

2. Floor-to-ceiling windows are best equipped with openable windows to ensure air circulation and facilitate ventilation

Floor-to-ceiling windows should not be completely closed. Windows should be opened above the waist of adults, and windows that open outwards are the best. In this way, on the one hand, it does not affect the space and is more practical; on the other hand, it can also enhance the career opportunities of the occupants. The most important thing is that the outward opening of the window can allow a lot of fresh air to enter and the stale air to flow out, so as to let go of the old and bring in the new, so as to adjust the indoor air field. #Liqian#

3. Floor-to-ceiling windows should not be directly facing the entrance door or room door

It is more important to seek wealth than to preserve it. Doors and windows are the import and export of wealth energy. If they are not used properly, wealth cannot be accumulated. The entrance door is directly opposite to the window, also known as the wind in the hall, which is what we often call the evil spirit in the hall: this is a sign of gas consumption, which is not conducive to gathering wealth. It is easy to lose money, and it will also affect the health of residents. If this happens, the best way to mediate is to design a “screen wall”, which is what we call a screen now, to play a role in the coordination of transit and customs clearance.

4. Avoid sharp corners in the view of the floor-to-ceiling windows

Windows are the eyes of a house, and with a broad view, it helps to communicate with the inside and outside, achieve the role of internal and external communication, and achieve the harmony and unity between man and nature. However, if there are sharp objects, bridges, chimneys and other objects in the field of vision of the French windows, it may be a “bad air rushing into the house”. Windows represent the eyes in ancient Feng Shui. If unfavorable evil spirits appear in the field of view of the floor-to-ceiling windows, it will cause ocular diseases of the residents. If it happens, you need to take corresponding measures to mediate. #ZhouyifengshuiLi Liqian#

5. Keep the floor-to-ceiling windows clean and open

As mentioned earlier, windows represent eyes in traditional Feng Shui. “The eyes can’t hold half a grain of sand.” Correspondingly, the floor-to-ceiling windows should also be kept clean and open, and avoid placing sundries to avoid the invasion of bad smell. At the same time, the floor-to-ceiling windows should be wiped frequently and kept clean. This will not only help you feel comfortable and maintain a good mood and state, but also help strengthen the heart and liver functions, and is also good for the eyes.

What are the Feng Shui taboos of floor-to-ceiling windows in home Feng Shui?