There is a “slow train” from Shanghai to Lhasa

For Tibet, the first thing we think of is the mysterious but solemn Potala Palace, the soaring Mount Everest known as the highest peak, and the “Holy Land” Jokhang Temple. I’ve searched for this all my life.

Many people choose to go to Lhasa, Tibet, starting from Sichuan, driving an off-road vehicle on the Sichuan-Tibet line, all the way west to Tibet, and some people choose to take the train, walk for several days and nights, cross the mountain with an altitude of 1,000 meters, enter the Lhasa. There is a train that departs from Shanghai and goes all the way to Lhasa. Although the time is as long as 46 hours, you can see the scenery along the way. Everyone rushes to buy train tickets, and it is often hard to get a ticket.

one. longest train

This train is called train z165. It departs from Shanghai and passes through 8 provinces and municipalities. After 46 hours, it finally arrives in Lhasa. In addition to passing through large station areas such as Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, etc., it also needs to stop at small stations such as Bengbu, Amdo, and Nagqu, with a total of 16 platforms.

Some of these 16 stations stop several times in one province and several cities, while others only stop once. Therefore, not all places will stop across multiple provinces. This will speed up the speed of the train, but you can’t miss important points Regions, on the other hand, carry more people.

This slow train is very slow. It takes 46 hours to go from south to north and from east to west, but it is not a long time. If it is possible to travel from Shanghai to Tibet, it is worth it. Over the years, everyone has pursued a perfect free journey, and choosing fast transportation is no longer the first choice.

On the contrary, this kind of train that comes slowly is more loved by people. Many people flock to it, just want to experience this slow train and feel a journey of their own choice. It is often hard to get a ticket, and even if you can’t buy a ticket halfway Question, the slowest train is also the most popular train.

two. most scenic train

Boarding this train, you must be fully prepared to embark on an unprecedented journey. From the moment you enter the carriage, you will feel the unique atmosphere of the Northwest Plateau. There are three types of carriages: hard seat, hard sleeper, and soft sleeper. The soft sleeper is also equipped with a separate room.

The usual soft sleeper is a four-person room, but there are also double rooms on this train. The bright and clean rooms make the whole journey more relaxed and clear. Through the window, we can see the green mountains, the trickling streams rushing out, and the harvested golden fields, which are especially quiet and indifferent against the setting sun.

On the way, you will also pass by Qinghai Lake, the largest saltwater lake in China. Such a beautiful scenery is not easy to see. Arriving here means gradually increasing altitude, which may be accompanied by physical discomfort.

It may also be mixed with the coming of altitude sickness. At this time, when your vision turns out of the window and you see the boundless lake water, reflecting the peaks in the distance, it is empty and solemn, and all your worries will turn into small water droplets and condense on the In the mountains, lakes and seas.

These are not the real features of this car. When you are full of loneliness and exhaustion while driving, you will hear the folk songs of the Tibetan people on the car. They are impassioned and use their singing to break boredom and fatigue.

If you are lucky, you will meet ethnic minority residents carrying large bags of special products, and they will sell the delicacies of their hometown in the car. In such an environment, all the bewildered boredom and loneliness seem to disappear, leaving only the love of this land and endless expectations.

three. best train service

The train to Tibet has always been the most difficult and longest route, which has brought heavy workload and burden to many flight attendants. This train is no exception. There will be oxygen cylinders near each seat for tourists who are unwell and suffering from altitude sickness.

If an emergency occurs during driving, the flight attendant will contact the ground in time, and there are medical staff on board to help stabilize the situation. Other than that, the ride is very attentive and full of humanity.

When arriving at Xining Station, passengers need to get off and transfer to the oxygen supply train on the opposite side, in order to prevent the body from being able to maintain a stable state in the plateau environment. This detail reflects the convenience and convenience of this train, and also ensures the health of passengers.

There is a “slow train” from Shanghai to Lhasa

In addition, train z165 can guarantee the daily needs of passengers. There is a dining car responsible for three meals a day and supper for passengers. There are also necessary toilets, lounges, and tea rooms. You can also buy some local specialties, snacks and drinks on the train. Even playing cards to pass the time are prepared.

After reading these, are you also full of curiosity and anticipation for the trip to Tibet? You can choose this train as a means of transportation. Not only is the price cheap, but you can also appreciate the mountains and rivers along the way. The most important thing is to go deep into it. Before entering Tibet, they first integrated into the strong ethnic atmosphere. With relaxation and happiness, take this train and start the journey of cleansing your soul. Tibet will never let you down.