The worst new film of the year in North America was born​

Disney originally wanted to use “Odd World” and “Black Panther 2” to bring a double insurance to the North American Thanksgiving schedule

Unexpectedly, “Odd World” gave everyone a basin of cold water. The film’s box office was the worst of the year. In addition, “Black Panther 2” did not meet expectations. This time Disney really played off

Costing 1.9 billion, the audience’s praise was only 59%, and Disney’s new black film hit the box office when it was released

“Oddworld” and “Black Panther 2” are definitely the box office successes that Disney most wants to replicate in recent years

Both movies play the zzzq card. To put it bluntly, I don’t want to work hard on the quality of the movie, and I want to make money easily. Unfortunately, North American audiences are not stupid, and it’s enough to be fooled once.

‘Oddworld’ hits theaters on November 23, just before Thanksgiving

As of November 27th, the North American box office of the first weekend of the film was 18.6 million US dollars. Including 43 overseas film markets, the global box office of the film’s first weekend is only 27.8 million US dollars, which is 200 million yuan. This result is based on domestic films. pretty good

But the cost of “Odd World” is really scary

The film production cost exceeds 180 million U.S. dollars, plus the global publicity and distribution costs, the total cost of the film is 274 million U.S. dollars, which is 1.9 billion yuan

It cost 1.9 billion, and in exchange for the result that the box office hit the street when it was released, it is estimated that no one can stand it

According to the current trend, overseas film media predict that “Odd World” will lose more than 147 million US dollars, which is 1 billion yuan.

The film’s audience rating also dropped to 59%.

The audience’s favorable rating was only 59%, and the box office lost more than 1 billion. The worst new film of the year in North America was born


Cartoons used to be Disney’s golden signboard, and all of its Disney princesses were cash cows

“Odd World” was created with a lot of money, no matter how you look at it, it shouldn’t lose so badly

The story of the movie is actually very simple. It tells the story of the Clyde family and fantasy creatures. outstanding

It’s a pity that the movie only wants to make zzzq, completely ignoring the importance of the plot

The characters in the film are really boring. It’s nothing more than the father wants to do one thing, the son wants to do one thing, and then conflicts and then reconciliation

The movie turned the core selling point into a black zzzq

Most of the characters in the film are set by black people, even the son has a boyfriend, and the dog is also disabled. The film has superimposed countless zzzq buffs, nothing more than trying to block the audience’s mouth

It is true that the professional film media dare not say anything about “Odd World”

Movies are so boring and clichéd, yet Rotten Tomatoes still has 74% freshness, but can the audience who spend money get used to it?

Only 59% of movie audiences praised it, which is one of the worst reputations in the history of Disney animation

The box office broke 675 million US dollars in 17 days of release, surpassing “Watergate Bridge”, and “Black Panther 2” could not replicate the box office miracle

Disney Marvel’s “Black Panther 2” box office is not as good as expected

The cumulative global box office of the film was 675 million U.S. dollars, or 4.84 billion yuan, in the 17 days since its release. This achievement has surpassed the annual box office champion of China, “Shuimen Bridge”, and “Black Panther 2” has risen to the seventh place in the global annual box office.

“Watergate Bridge” was squeezed to the eighth place in the global annual box office, and “Lonely Walking on the Moon” was squeezed to the ninth place in the global annual box office.

Compared with “Odd World”, the box office results of “Black Panther 2” are naturally good, but compared with the previous “Black Panther”, this sequel is not so good-looking

“Black Panther” broke the global box office of 1.3 billion US dollars, won the North American annual crown in 2018, broke the film history record of superhero origin movies

With the current trend, the global box office of “Black Panther 2” is about 900 million US dollars, let alone the North American annual championship in 2022. Tom Cruise’s “The Lone Ranger” has already approached 800 million US dollars at the North American box office. It is estimated that even ” Avatar 2 is hard to shake

The worst new film of the year in North America was born​

Judging from word of mouth, “Black Panther 2” has also begun to weaken

North American audiences seem to have begun to feel tired of this zzzq-element movie, or they didn’t have any aesthetics at the beginning, but now they dare to say that they can’t