The two most expensive streets in the world

One of the more famous prosperous and high-consumption streets in the world is Wall Street. Wall Street is famous, and it can be said that it is famous all over the world. It is also synonymous with high salaries, elite personnel and high-tech stocks. On this not very long street, there are world-famous stock companies, bond companies and financial companies, large and small.

Of course, there are also very top stocks and financial talents from all over the world gathered here. They all take the experience of working on Wall Street as the highest honor, and it is also a representative of their strength, and it is their own relatively brilliant experience.

Basically, people who travel to the United States will choose to visit Wall Street. Although the local people don’t understand why they want to go there to see it, because there is no particularly beautiful scenery or very long culture there, it’s just a street.

The most famous scenic spot on that street is probably the bull that represents the stock market. Wall Street is actually very short, not as long as anyone imagined. Basically, it takes about two minutes to walk from the reception to the other end.

There is a very interesting building here, which is the place where Washington, the first founding father of the United States, worked. However, tourists who travel to Wall Street will basically not choose to visit this building and use up their most concerned about it. That copper bull.

No matter how famous a place is, as long as it is a place that people can travel to, they all have many common characteristics. For example, there are many fake products there, and such things are also very expensive, which is to cheat tourists out of their money. And the law and order environment is not particularly good in the country.

When traveling, it is easy to encounter pickpockets. Of course, there are such thieves in Dai Wall Street who will steal your money. Ironically, although there are thieves very close to Wall Street, this is the office building where the famous FBI is located.

The United States has the famous Wall Street, and the most expensive street in China is the famous Causeway Bay. I believe everyone in the country has heard the word Causeway Bay, which is in Hong Kong, China.

Because Hong Kong, China has always been a leader in China’s economic development and a pearl of China’s economic development, so it is only natural that there is a street that represents China’s prosperity and prosperity.

Speaking of, which part of Hong Kong has the most Hong Kong style? Of course, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Causeway Bay is located in the central golden treasure land on the north shore of the center of Hong Kong Island. There are many high-rise buildings here, and the economy is developed, which can be called every inch of land. There are big signs hanging on the old walls.

There are not only high-rise buildings, restaurants and fashionable bars rising from the ground after the millennium, but also century-old houses that need scaffolding. The building with the big Cartier billboard, and one of the oldest temples in Hong Kong, Tin Hau Temple in Causeway Bay.

The Hong Kong style of Causeway Bay is hidden in such tradition and modernity. If the night view of Victoria Harbor and the famous Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui make people who come to Hong Kong linger for the first time, then from Luowan, it includes the first-tier international cities. various functions.

In Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay, the trendy double-decker buses shuttle busily on the narrow commercial street. Sogo Department Store, which celebrates its anniversary every six months, is always crowded. Baisha Street near Times Square has various industrial styles, Nordic style decoration and cultural symbols.

In addition, on Hennessy Road and Luosu Street, one after another, the famous watch shops are particularly eye-catching, making you seem to be infected with medieval Europe. Causeway Bay in Hong Kong is also the center of Chinese trendy brands, and there are a lot of pioneering works of independent designers appearing here.

In addition, there are also indispensable large-scale trademarks and brand stores. In the 1990s when the entertainment industry in Hong Kong was developed, scouts took Causeway Bay as the most important area for finding newcomers. Many big stars were here at the beginning of their debut. Discovered by scouts.

In the case of big stars as the endorsement brand platform, the Causeway Bay Exhibition is indispensable, so if you want to meet stars by chance, if you want to shoot fashion blockbusters, you must come to Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Causeway Bay is called Chaoku 14th Street, where there are all kinds of delicious food that have been checked in by Hong Kong stars. Xiaolongbao with nourishing Chinese medicine, pepper bak kut teh, hot spring eggs that girls can eat all in one go, rice and so on.

The real Causeway Bay is not like the one portrayed in Young and Dangerous, it is more like a city that never sleeps, especially Causeway Bay under the neon lights at night, which has the blurred feeling of Hong Kong movies.

The two most expensive streets in the world

The place that everyone must check in after arriving in Hong Kong is Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. There are countless delicacies here, not only the delicacies recommended by celebrities, but also various specialties. Hong Kong snacks can be found here, and it is also a paradise for shoppers. Basically, if you go shopping in Hong Kong, you must visit Causeway Bay, which is full of large and small shops. If you haven’t been to Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, then you haven’t really been to Hong Kong.