The Summer Palace ice rink is expected to open until February 4

This newspaper (reporter Wang Bin) On January 10, the Summer Palace “Realize the Winter Olympics, Meet the Summer Palace” ice fitness activity was officially launched. The total area of the ice rink is about 300000 square meters, which is the largest natural ice rink in the city. The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the ice rink project is divided into two major areas, namely, the ice car area and the electric entertainment area. The ice car area covers the largest area and can accommodate nearly 4000 tourists. Small ice skates and parent-child ice skates continue the childhood memories of old Beijing in winter and are very suitable for parent-child families. At present, the three entrances and exits located in the Yulan Hall, the Paiyun Hall and the West Bank have been opened, and the Tongniu entrance and exit will gradually open according to the bearing capacity of the ice layer.
The scenery of the Summer Palace ice rink is excellent. The ice rink is surrounded by the pavilions and pavilions of the Summer Palace. During the process of sliding on the ice surface, tourists can feel the subtleties of the ancient people’s “moving scenery”. The best way to enjoy the scenery on the ice is to ride the ice bike. The ice bike has almost no technical requirements. Because of the support of the metal frame, it is more stable than the ordinary bike when riding. The ice bike can be fast, slow, and can stop and stand. The tourists are breathing the clean air. In front of them are the tall and magnificent Buddha Pavilion and the vast peaks of the West Mountain, although they are pedaling hard at their feet, Unconsciously, it has been integrated into the landscape painting of the Summer Palace.
This year’s environmental layout is themed with welcoming the Winter Olympics, with a total of 120 flags, 20 fence decorations, 100 festival lanterns and 100 Chinese knots on the theme of mascots and slogans of the Winter Olympics, creating a festive and festive atmosphere and setting off the theme of “National Fitness Welcoming the Winter Olympics, Happy Ice and Snow Dream” in Beijing.
The Beiqing Daily reporter learned that the ice rink pays close attention to the weather every day. It is estimated that the ice rink will open from January 10, 2022 to February 4, 2022, and the daily opening time is 8:30-17:00 (ticket closing at 16:00). In order to ensure safety, the ice rink is subject to grid safety management. The ice rink is equipped with safety inspectors and emergency teams, and is equipped with sufficient disinfectants and emergency rescue facilities. The ice surface safety officer shall measure the ice thickness of the six measuring points before the ice rink opens at 8:00 a.m. and at 14:00 during the highest temperature period, and shall also clean and maintain after the opening of the day.
In terms of epidemic prevention and control, ice rink service personnel are vaccinated as required, wear masks and gloves on duty, and conduct daily health monitoring. Before the operation of the ice rink every day, the activity facilities are fully disinfected, and the ice car, ice bike, electric entertainment and other facilities are disinfected in batches. The total number of tourists received by the ice rink shall be controlled and limited. In order to prevent tourists from gathering, 30 safety inspectors constantly patrol the ice surface to persuade tourists not to pile up or gather.
The park side specially suggests that we must go to the ice in a civilized way, abide by the park side’s regulations, and do not go to the non-open ice area without personnel on duty; Pay attention to safety when playing on the ice, try to move clockwise and orderly to avoid collision.