The domestic quantum computer is coming soon, has the quantum era come?

The importance of developing quantum computers

Quantum computer is a national weapon with important strategic value, known as the “atomic bomb in the information age”. The United States named the atomic bomb project the “Manhattan Project” and the quantum computer research and development program the “Micro Manhattan Project.”

Quantum computing is regarded as a “revolutionary technology that breaks through the limits of classical computing power.” Today, global demand for computing power is growing as rapidly as data demand.

Generally speaking, the development of computing power is through the enhancement of transistor integration. At present, the size of the transistor has reached 4 nanometers, and it is expected that in less than 10 years, it will reach the sub-nanometer size, and then the quantum effect will play a role.

To decompose 3 million big data, it takes about 150,000 years for a classical computer with a trillion operations, but it only takes 1 second for a quantum computer.

It is precisely because of the significant advantages of quantum technology that this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Alain Aspect, John Francis Clauser, and Anton Zeilinger, in recognition of their determination that Bell’s inequality does not hold in the quantum world through photon entanglement experiments, and pioneered the quantum world. information science.

In the post-Moore era, this technology is expected to help the performance limit of traditional chips break through, and reshape the modern electronic information manufacturing system with chips as the core through quantum chips.

The “golden eyes” of China’s first quantum chip production line

According to Science and Technology Daily, my country’s quantum computer “Wukong” is about to come out, and my country’s first quantum chip production line is producing “Wukong Core”, a quantum chip for “Wukong”. It is also the first NDPT-100 non-destructive probe electrical measurement platform dedicated to the production of quantum chips in China.

It is understood that the non-destructive probe station is completely independently developed by Hefei Benyuan Quantum Computing Technology Co., Ltd. The minimum measurement range is reduced to the micron level, and the diameter of the film scar caused by the probe is at least within 1um. The measurement process does not affect the coherence of superconducting qubits. It has the advantages of high stability and high motion precision, and is also suitable for precision electrical tests such as semiconductor chips and semiconductor devices.

“The non-destructive probe station plays an important role in the production of quantum chips. It can quickly and accurately identify which qubits on the quantum chip are qualified and which are unqualified.

Just like the lithography machine is the industrial mother machine of traditional chip manufacturing, this instrument is also one of the industrial mother machines of quantum chips. It is a necessary tool for the production of quantum chips, which can greatly shorten the development cycle of quantum chips and further improve the yield rate of quantum chips.

At present, the non-destructive probe station has been put into use on the first quantum chip production line in China.

Original Quantum Development Direction

As the first quantum computing company in China, Origin Quantum has been committed to the research and development of quantum computing chips with two production lines of superconducting and silicon-based semiconductors.

At present, Origin Quantum has launched the first-generation 6-bit superconducting quantum chip Kuafu KFC6-130, the first-generation 24-bit superconducting quantum chip Kuafu KFC24-100, and the second-generation silicon-based spin two-bit quantum chip. Chip Xuanwei XWS2-200.

Moreover, many technical indicators such as fidelity and coherence time have reached domestic leading and international first-class standards.


In January 2022, Benyuan Quantum and Jinghe Technology established a quantum chip joint laboratory to build the country’s first quantum chip production line.

In April of the same year, Benyuan Quantum developed the first domestic quantum chip design industrial software “Q-EDA” – Benyuan Kunyuan, which can support the automatic design of superconducting and semiconductor quantum chip layouts at the same time, and further realize the independent research and development of quantum chips in my country and the industry. It will help my country seize the opportunity in the new round of quantum computing competition in the world.

In terms of quantum computer services, Benyuan Quantum has a superconducting quantum computer (Benyuan Wuyuan) that is benchmarked against Google and IBM, and a semiconductor quantum computer that is benchmarked against Intel (Benyuan Wuben), providing customers with advanced quantum computing services.

Statistical ranking of invention patents in the field of quantum computing

Recently, the IPRdaily Chinese website announced the list of the global quantum computing technology invention patent list (TOP100), which is a statistical ranking of the number of invention patent applications in the field of quantum computing published worldwide as of October 18, 2022.

The top 100 companies on the list are mainly from 18 countries and regions, the United States accounted for 40%, China accounted for 15%, and Japan accounted for 11%.

Among them, IBM, a technology company from the United States, ranked first with 1,323 patents, Google, a US technology company, and D-Wave, a Canadian quantum computing company, ranked second and third with 762 patents and 501 patents, respectively.

The number of original quantum patents ranks highest among WeChat Chinese companies (6th in the world), with 234 patents.

As the value potential of quantum technology penetrates into all walks of life, according to BCG estimates, the value of quantum technology is expected to reach 5 billion to 10 billion US dollars in the next 3-5 years; in the next 15 to 30 years, quantum technology is expected to create 450 billion to 850 billion US dollars market value.



The development of quantum technology has great scientific significance and strategic value, and is a key variable affecting a new round of technological and industrial transformation. The implementation of domestically produced quantum chip production equipment can help us take the initiative in the changing situation and strive to achieve China’s technological innovation. Then he was “stuck in the neck”.

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