The “clean” families in these places have excellent Feng Shui and are invaluable

We often say that when a family is blessed, kindness comes first. The family is in trouble, and evil is the root.

The happiness of the family depends on goodwill and virtue. Most of the disasters in the family are related to people’s evil deeds. The choice between good and evil often determines the future of the family.

What is the “goodness” mentioned here for the family? It has something to do with these two words, clean.

A clean family is like a crystal-clear spring, and the blessings will flow continuously and never-ending. On the contrary, if the family is not clean, either there is filth here, or there is a problem there, and maybe the family can only decline.

It’s hard, no matter the time, to get a family going uphill. But it is very simple to let the family go downhill. This should be a sentence: creation is difficult, but destruction is easy.

Take a prosperous family as an example. Suddenly one day, a prodigal son appears, and the result of this family is doomed-the efforts of multiple generations will be in vain and disappear overnight.

In fact, families that keep “clean” in these places will have superior Feng Shui, which should be taken seriously.

First, the concept of family, it is best to be clean.

In the philosophy of materialism, there is such a point of view that matter determines ideas, and ideas react on matter.

Reality cannot be changed. And the perceptions we have are influenced by reality and character. Only, to a certain extent, ideas can promote the development of matter.

To put it bluntly, the family is the material carrier that cannot be changed. If the concept is more positive, it will have a positive impact on the family. If the concept is relatively negative, it will drag down an ordinary family.

There are two families like this, one family is a nouveau riche, and the children in them have developed the concept of being extravagant. The other family is an ordinary family, and the children have developed the concept of self-made.

Ten years have passed, the first family has declined, and the family is deeply in debt. And the second family gradually grew up, and the children all had successful careers and were on the right track.

In terms of money and material things, perhaps the latter is not as good as the former. In terms of concept, as long as the latter is active and diligent, I believe that one day, he will overtake on a curve and become a blockbuster.

Second, the heart of the family should be clean.

A family is made up of different people, and the most important thing about a person is the “heart”. Whether the family is of one heart, whether the family will go uphill.

People’s hearts, on the surface, seem to have no effect. From a practical point of view, people’s support is the key to affecting the development of the family.

In a family of four, two children study hard, and the husband works hard, but the wife does nothing, even stirs up conflicts in the family and drags things down. The family will have no peace.

The so-called “one rat droppings ruined a pot of porridge” is the truth. A family with discord, no matter how rich it is, will eventually fall apart.

Just like a pile of sand, if it is mixed with mud, the sand will mix together and become hard. If it is not mixed with mud, then it is a plate of loose sand, and as long as the wind comes, it will be blown away.

Starting today, unite the hearts of the family. Whether it lasts or not depends on this.

Third, the cultural atmosphere should be clean.

When we talk about family, we think of family assets and money. In fact, no matter how rich the family property is, no matter how much money there is, there will be a day when it will be squandered.

Since matter will disappear, what do we need to rely on? That is the soul of the home – the vibe.

I have seen such a family with a particularly strong reading atmosphere. Both parents are senior intellectuals and like to read different books. And the two children have read a lot of books since they were young, and they have seen everywhere, so their brains are flexible and their thinking is active.

Later, the children of this family went abroad to study abroad. They were masters and doctors of a famous university, and they also made extraordinary achievements in their careers.

We always think that reading is reading school textbooks. But we all forget one thing, the real reading is to browse through the books, and then read the wordless book “Life”, to achieve the state of “unity of knowledge and action”.

Reading is necessary for all families. Cultural atmosphere is also indispensable. Especially in this era, it is basically difficult for people with little knowledge to get along in this society.

Keep the home atmosphere clean, not only for yourself, but for future generations.

Fourth, get along with the relationship, it is best to be clean.

Someone once said: “In this world, the most difficult thing to get along with is people.”

One of the characteristics of human beings is that they are fickle. Yesterday, he may be very kind to you; today, he may hate you; tomorrow, he may plot against you.

Not only outsiders, but also family members. In the face of interests, the relatives around us may choose to change their minds, ignore their feelings, and turn their faces against others.

Why is this kinship relationship so fragile? The reason is very simple, long-term hatred is not as good as water, and it is easy to make waves on the ground. One after another is the truth of the fragile relationship.

The “clean” families in these places have excellent Feng Shui and are invaluable

In a blessed family, if you want to maintain a harmonious relationship, there is only one choice: the whole family must learn to compromise.

In this matter, I let you. In that matter, you let me. A family, less care and entanglement, more harmony and unity. If this continues, won’t good Feng Shui appear?