Qingxi Town, Guangyuan: build a “provincial model of rural culture revitalization” by building tourism with culture and honoring culture with tourism

Qingxi Town, located at the foot of Motianling on the western edge of Qingchuan County, Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, has convenient transportation, honest folk customs, profound cultural heritage, and a booming tourism industry. In recent years, the town has adhered to the principle of building tourism with culture and honoring culture with tourism, promoting the in-depth integration of culture and tourism, focusing on the layout of service network, cultural activities, cultural and tourism integration, and the construction of civilized rural style. In 2021, the town will become the first batch of provincial model towns for rural cultural revitalization. In 2022, Yinping Village of the town will be established as a provincial model village for rural cultural revitalization.


“Qingxi Town has a mild climate and four distinct seasons throughout the year, and is a resort for summer and cooling. There are eco-tourism resources in Qingxi Town, including Yinping Ancient Road, a provincial scenic spot, Tangjia River, a national 4A nature reserve, Qingxi Ancient City, a national 4A tourist attraction, and Yinping Village, a national eco-cultural village.” Wang Rongshu, secretary of the Party Committee of Qingxi Town, said that in the process of establishing a provincial model township (town), the town adhered to green development, Polish the ecological background. We will unswervingly implement the concept of “two mountains”, effectively strengthen the prevention and control of environmental pollution, actively participate in the construction of ecological systems such as the Qinba Mountain Biodiversity Ecological Functional Zone and the Jialing River Basin Ecological Corridor, and pay close attention to the rectification of environmental problems in the Qingxi Stone Park. Accelerate the promotion of green and low-carbon development, open up the two-way conversion channel between “green water and green mountains” and “golden mountains and silver mountains”, vigorously develop the “ecological+” industry, coordinate economic development and environmental protection, protect the beautiful natural environment, and realize the good interaction between industrial development and ecological environmental protection.


With the help of the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan” and the construction of Tangjiahe National Tourist Resort, Qingxi Town has dug up its resources and improved its infrastructure. Seize the opportunity of Guangping Expressway to open to traffic, actively integrate into the “Dajiuzhai” tourism circle, participate in the construction of the Giant Panda International Ecotourism Line, Bashu Cultural Tourism Corridor, etc., build a strong panda cultural tourism IP, and develop natural education, forest recuperation and other health tourism products. It is planned to invest 1.6985 billion yuan to comprehensively promote the construction of 39 key projects such as the ancient city characteristic block, Qingxi Grottoes, and Qingxi County Yamen. We should focus on the “second half of the article” of the two reforms and make up for the weak and weak points in the areas of continuous promotion of industrial development, early warning and monitoring system for poverty reduction, and improvement of infrastructure. Take Yinping Village as the focus to build a provincial demonstration village, integrate and improve the characteristic and advantageous industries, actively activate collective assets, improve the operation and management system of poverty alleviation industries, and boost the quality of industrial development. We will further strengthen rural construction and vigorously implement comprehensive urban and rural environmental governance with the theme of ecological livability, rural civilization, and village appearance governance.


Yinping Village within the jurisdiction of Qingxi Town, taking the construction of the new village in 2004 as the starting point, incorporated the construction of the rural public cultural service system into the village development plan, promoted the construction of the public cultural service infrastructure in an all-round, multi-carrier and multi-channel way, gradually built the village cultural room, cultural courtyard, cultural bookstore, cultural square, mass education base, etc., and built the historical and cultural wall of Yinping Ancient Road, Fuzi cultural wall, relief cultural wall, Linshui Pavilion Water platform and other landscapes. Realize the full coverage of radio and network optical fiber in the village, successfully build a new era civilization practice station, basically form a cultural activity position with complete functions, facilities, convenience and effectiveness, and effectively lead the rural ideological and cultural construction.


In addition, Yinping Village actively carried out a series of selection activities such as “health household”, “civilized household”, “good daughter-in-law”, “good mother-in-law”, and continued to create excellent village style, folk style, family style, and sent spiritual and cultural forces such as moral model stories, village rules and regulations, good family style, and good family instructions to the field, and successfully made the core socialist values take root in the local. Strengthen the protection of cultural sites such as Yinping Ancient Road, Yinping House, Motianling, etc., based on the unique geographical advantages of Qingxi Ancient City and Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve, promote the organic combination of characteristic culture and tourism, and actively promote the integration of red culture, three kingdoms culture and folk culture. Through various modes such as scenic spots leading villages, party branches+associations+farmers, leisure agriculture and sightseeing, we have vigorously developed rural tourism, and created a tourism brand of Yinping Village with 380 farmhouses, 5 boutique homestays and 300 micro farms as the main body. Relying on the support of the county’s cultural and tourism development strategy, and through the model of culture+tourism, we will continue to promote brands such as “China’s rural tourism model village – Yinping Village”, “the border secret land – Qingxi Ancient City” and so on. Actively integrate into the “Dajiuzhai” tourism economic circle, and actively participate in cultural tourism activities such as the 10th and 13th Provincial (Autumn) Rural Cultural Tourism Festival, the 12th Sichuan Road Cultural Tourism Festival, Bauhinia Festival, Rafting Festival, Red Leaf Festival, Panda Mountain Treasure Festival, etc. The village has successively won the honorary titles of “National Key Village of Rural Tourism”, “Model Village of Rural Tourism in China”, and “Provincial Model Village of Rural Tourism”.