Is garbage disposal worth starting with?

In today’s increasingly strict garbage classification, garbage classification has become an inevitable trend, no matter how you do not adapt to it. Among several categories, kitchen waste is the most troublesome one, with large quantity, heavy odor and the greatest impact on family living environment.

So, black technology “kitchen waste disposal” came into being! But most people have only heard of it and used it. Is it worth buying?

1. What is Kitchen Waste Disposal?

The kitchen waste disposal is a modern kitchen appliance installed under the kitchen sink and connected to the drain pipe. The cutter head is driven by AC or DC motor, and the food waste in the crushing chamber is crushed into the sewer by centrifugal force.

Whether it is potato skin, rotten vegetable leaves or leftovers, eggshells, nuts and bones, all pour into the sink, one click empty. Easy to realize instant, convenient, fast kitchen cleaning, avoid food waste due to storage and breeding bacteria, mosquitoes and odor, so as to create a healthy and beautiful kitchen environment.

Two, is the garbage disposal good?

First of all, it is no doubt that it is good to use this point, you know, in Europe and the United States, the penetration rate of garbage disposal is more than 70%, in China, the whole industry is still in its infancy, but in recent years with the implementation of garbage classification management system, the penetration rate of garbage disposal is rising year by year.

★ Advantages

01 Safe and convenient

There are no sharp things like blades in the garbage disposal. It grinds hard food like fish bones and chicken bones into slag through the built-in propeller and grinding plate. The residue is removed along the water flow through the spiral scour mode.

02 Clean and hygienic

If wet garbage is not treated in time, it will not only be full of odor, but also breed a large number of bacteria. Garbage disposal can effectively get rid of this problem, and maintain the sanitary environment of the kitchen and community well.

03 Economy and energy saving

The average waste disposal consumes less than 2 degrees of electricity per month. Under normal conditions, the service life of the waste disposal is 8-15 years, which is durable. In addition, after kitchen waste is treated, it can reduce the pollution of recyclable garbage and promote the recycling of resources to a certain extent.

★ disadvantages

04 There is noise

The garbage disposal makes a grinding sound when it pulverizes the residue, and although it has soundproof panels, it doesn’t stop it completely. However, although there is noise but not serious, much smaller than juicer, completely acceptable, garbage disposal general processing time is about 1 minute, it has no impact on daily life. And the sound is also related to the quality of the product, as the latest generation of garbage disposal has been iterated over time, the sound is now very low.

05 Increased water consumption

The garbage must be rinsed with water after it is crushed. As a result, tap water consumption increases and water bills increase. Measured monthly average increase in water consumption is not more than 1 ton, and spend time and effort to clean the sink, direct treatment of kitchen waste is not actually a waste of water, and compared with its great convenience, this increase in water consumption is completely acceptable.

According to the comparison of advantages and disadvantages above, the role of garbage disposal is still very huge, can liberate our hands, let us no longer worry about kitchen waste, enjoy the wisdom of science and technology to bring a healthy new life.

Three, how to choose the garbage disposal?

Garbage disposal is so important, so how do we as consumers buy? In fact, it is not very difficult to buy, and it is enough to pay attention to these aspects:

01 Motor

Motor is the “heart” of the garbage disposal, it is the key to drive the garbage disposal operation, directly determines the quality of the garbage disposal, the length of service life, therefore, we in the purchase, the first to look at the motor.

The motor of garbage disposal is divided into AC motor and DC motor. Each of the two kinds of motors has its advantages and disadvantages. The key also depends on the model of the product.

02 Power, horsepower

The greater the power and horsepower of the kitchen waste disposal, the faster and more powerful the grinding of kitchen waste. In other words, these two parameters determine whether the garbage disposal is good or not, but also reflects the quality of the garbage disposal motor from the side. When choosing, of course, it is to look for high power and large horsepower.

03 Grinding accuracy

The principle of garbage disposal is to break garbage by grinding, so the grinding precision directly determines the grinding effect of garbage disposal. The higher the grinding precision, the smaller the volume of kitchen waste residue, the easier to wash away through the sewer, without blocking the sewer.

Generally speaking, the grinding precision of the garbage processor is graded, and the particle size after grinding will have different sizes. When we buy the garbage processor, of course, it is better to buy the grinding precision is higher.

04 Noise

The noise level of a garbage disposal is affected by many things, such as power, horsepower, whether it has a damping design, noise reduction design, whether it is properly installed, and so on.

When buying a garbage disposal, it is best to buy a low noise, and with noise and shock reduction technology, of course, the most important point is to standardize the installation.

In a word, the garbage disposal is powerful, affordable, easy to operate, is the solution to kitchen waste wet garbage excellent artifact. If you want to live a quality and healthy life and want to cope with garbage sorting, you may want to try this black technology.