How to decorate and design the house? Plan well in advance

design the house

Decoration as a long cycle, many processes of life events, a lot of visionary people, will be in the early decoration design good decoration scheme, have full preparation, in the decoration of the time will be more handy, do not need to decorate to half and at a loss. So the decoration design of the house, how to do? As an interior designer, I will unfold to introduce the details and matters of decoration design to you.

design the house

1, decoration to design what?

① Style matching design

The collocation of decoration style is the most important part of decoration design. This is about the decoration after the aesthetic effect of the design link.

(2) Space reconstruction design

The housing type delivered by the developer is unified, but each family’s living needs are not the same, such as some people want the master room with cloakroom, some people want the master toilet, different needs will be different pattern design, so the space transformation is also the decoration design needs to be considered.

③ Storage and storage design

Life is not a poem, without firewood, rice, oil and salt, no storage, the house is big and dirty. Therefore, in the design of decoration, storage is also a link that needs to be considered.

④ The moving line is comfortable

The moving line is the route of our daily activities at home, including visitor moving line, housework moving line, living activity line, etc. The size of the moving line is reasonable, which can not only ensure the comfort and privacy of our life, but also avoid the bumps and bruises when we move around at home.

design the house

(5) The relationship between details and dimensions

The relationship between details and dimensions is a place where decoration design is prone to mistakes, which requires us to coordinate the relationship between every detail in the space when decoration design; For example, in the small area of the toilet, toilet door and toilet, if the design does not consider the size of the door and toilet installation position, there may be a situation of knocking the toilet door.

2. Design process steps

① Determine the intended style

Before the design, the first is to determine what kind of decoration style they like.

(2) Define the housing needs

Identify your living needs, such as what you like to do at home: watching movies, reading books, playing computer games? What kind of family members live there: the couple, the elderly, the children, whether they plan to have a second child, and their preferences. According to family members and preferences, then carry out the specific design scheme.

(3) Plan design

After determining the style and living needs, you can do the layout plan according to the needs, for example, if there is a second child plan, it is necessary to leave a children’s room; If you like working from home, you should set up a desk and so on.

Effect drawing design

design the house

After determining the plan, we can refine the design and color matching of the facade space according to the size and layout of the plan. Through the renderings, preview the general effect of the decoration, determine the effect of this style atmosphere like the atmosphere, and then carry out the follow-up in-depth design.

(5) Decoration construction drawings

Layout plan and renderings have been determined, you can make more detailed construction drawings according to the design scheme, determine the decoration materials, size and technology of each location, and then decorate the construction drawings to decoration workers, to avoid mistaken materials or proportions, do the “Sibuxiang” effect.

design the house

⑥ Determine the main material list

After all the decoration design schemes have been determined, it is suggested to sort out a list of main materials, which lists the main materials used in each place of decoration, such as the size and style of ceramic tile, wood floor, wall paint, wall cloth, marble, etc., so as to facilitate the purchase of decoration materials when there is a reference, will not buy the wrong.

⑦ Soft furniture list

According to the layout plan and the situation of the facade construction drawings, sort out a purchase list of the style and size of furniture, electrical appliances and soft decoration trinkets, to avoid the unreasonable furniture bought in the later period, resulting in opening the door against furniture, furniture blocking the socket switch and other situations; At the same time also avoid buying furniture and decoration style does not match, leading to unnecessary losses.

Of course, the projects in the above design process are provided by professional designers. For ordinary owners, if the decoration does not want to overturn, it is strongly recommended that the design of the plane plan, ④ renderings, ⑤ construction drawings, ⑥ main material list of these several items to start again. Do not decorate while designing, are pits!

design the house

3. Who will design the decoration scheme?

① Design by oneself

If you know 3Dmax, CAD design software, have the patience to study the decoration details and dimensions, are familiar with the decoration process, are sensitive to color matching, and have enough time, you can try it yourself. Generally, this way is difficult, low feasibility, high risk of decoration rollover, and I do not recommend it personally.

② Decoration company

General decoration companies will provide “free design” services, but some irregular decoration companies, are not complete design scheme. Only a plan to start, you decoration do not easily in the absence of the mentioned plane plan, renderings, construction drawings, the main material list of these design data to start, otherwise basically is the worker decoration, you design.

③ Independent designer

Now many professional designers can undertake the house decoration design scheme independently, including the author himself is also an independent designer. The design project mentioned in the second design process above is what I need to do in my daily design scheme.

Decoration as a long cycle, the process of life events, many visionary people, will be in the early decoration design of the decoration scheme. In the decoration design, the first is to determine their living needs and design style, first do a layout plan; Further design renderings and construction drawings, convenient decoration reference; Then make the main material and soft loading list, convenient to buy materials and furniture.