Don’t buy smart door locks indiscriminately, you will regret it if you don’t have these two points!

With the continuous deepening and popularization of the smart ecology of the whole house, smart door locks, as entry-level smart home products, are also gradually integrated into the smart ecosystem of the whole house. Our acceptance of smart door locks has gradually increased due to favorable factors such as reduction in price.

Every user who changes from traditional door locks to smart door locks will agree with this sentence: once used, you can’t go back, especially those who have experienced forgetting to bring the key and being locked out of the door and being stolen at home because the door lock is not safe. Friends, you must feel the same about this sentence. But in contrast, smart door lock products are uneven, and there are so many standards that people have no way to choose. So how do we choose smart door locks in different price ranges?

1 security

What kind of door lock can be called a safe door lock? It mainly has three points: C-level lock cylinder, explosion-proof lock body, and EAL5+ certification.

According to national standards, the safety attributes of lock cylinders can be divided into three levels: A, B, and C from low to high. C-level lock cylinders are the lock cylinders with the highest security level stipulated by the current national standards, so directly look for C when purchasing. level door lock. The explosion-proof lock body is to prevent violent picking of the lock, unless it smashes your door, don’t even think about entering this door! The final EAL5+ level certification is the chip security level of the smart door lock. If the security level of the chip is not high, it will be cracked by hackers through software.

In addition to the above points, the security function of the smart door lock is also an important point that cannot be ignored, such as whether it has functions such as supporting false alarms, tampering alarms, and trial and error alarms. Otherwise, when an accident comes, there is no way to guarantee our safety. question. It should be noted that the main control circuit board of the door lock must be on the inside of the door lock, if it is on the outside, there will be certain safety risks.

2 smart

Another major focus of smart door locks is smart ecology.

If a door lock cannot be connected to a smart ecology, it cannot be called a smart door lock, at most it can be called a “multifunctional door lock”. The reason why smart door locks are dubbed “smart” is because they are closely related to smart homes and are the first gateway to smart homes. Therefore, choosing a smart door lock is to choose the smart ecology you want to use.

At present, major brands are working hard to build their own smart home ecology, and the more well-known ones include Xiaomi, Tmall, Huawei, Apple, etc. But when we choose a door lock brand, it will also affect your subsequent choice of smart home, such as Xiaomi for Mijia, Huawei for Hongmeng, Apple’s HomeKit, Midea’s Mercure, Haier’s Haier Smart Home, etc., so Before you buy a door lock, you must first determine the smart ecology you will use in the future, so as to bring the best experience.

Another point is the issue of battery life. If the battery life of the smart lock is poor, the battery needs to be replaced or charged every once in a while, which will greatly reduce the experience. Therefore, it is best to choose a smart lock with dual batteries when purchasing. If the Maoyan battery is dead, it will not affect the normal opening and closing of the door, and the smart lock with poor battery life is not recommended for everyone to buy.

For example, the Xiaomi smart door lock M20 adopts a new push-pull form, with an original anti-pinch design, which can be customized according to the opening and closing of the door, so as to avoid accidental pinching of the sliding door. It supports fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, cycle/ One-time password, NFC password, mobile phone Bluetooth unlocking, and Homekit seven unlocking methods, and is equipped with a Mijia security chip that has obtained financial-grade EAL4+ security certification. Overall, it is cheap, affordable and cost-effective.

Don’t buy smart door locks indiscriminately

Huawei smart door lock SE has HarmonyOS financial-level security protection, adopts EAL5+ security authentication chip, password is only stored locally, C-level in-line lock cylinder, supports security alarms, when wrong trial opening, door prying, door is not closed, etc. Automatic alarm, also has 15 months of battery life, supports Type-C power bank emergency power supply to unlock, if you use Huawei’s smart ecology, this is also a very good choice.

And Cadiz K9-S is also a very cost-effective model. It takes into account safety, convenience and intelligence at the same time. It is very comprehensive in security systems and unlocking methods. Compared with F1, this model also adds Bluetooth function. Support fingerprint/password/swipe card/Bluetooth APP/key to open the door, and the push-pull design opens the door more smoothly.