Dining room and living room, must be distinguished?

I believe that many netizens from the countryside have lived in a house that does not distinguish between the living room and the dining room – put a big coffee table + sofa in the lobby, then put the food on the coffee table, and sit on the coffee table to eat. Many rural houses are like this . Nowadays, with the improvement of living standards, the houses bought in the city basically have a living room and a dining room. How did this change in lifestyle come about?

1. The difference between function and furniture

The function of the living room is a space for casual chatting and entertaining guests. The furniture placed includes sofas, coffee tables, and TV cabinets. Sitting on the sofa is more relaxing and natural. The coffee table is convenient for tea sets and snacks. The TV cabinet is for storage and TV display , all furniture is mainly for leisure and relaxation;

The function of the restaurant is a dining-oriented space. The furniture placed is a dining table, dining chairs and sideboards. The dining table and chairs dominate the dining function, while the sideboards are used for storage.
2. Ergonomic considerations:

With the improvement of living standards, design concepts are also improving, and ergonomics has also been more fully utilized in interior design.

The height of the sofa is about 40cm, and the height of the coffee table is 40-50cm. If you sit on the sofa + coffee table to eat, then there will be a series of problems – sitting on the 40cm sofa, the stomach is pressed, and eating is not comfortable; the coffee table is too short , Jiacai also has to bend over.

The height of the dining table is 70-80cm, and the height of the dining chair is about 45cm. If you sit on the dining table + dining chair space and chat on TV, the TV is too high and your neck is uncomfortable, and the height and depth of the dining chair cannot “lie down” comfortably like a sofa , less comfortable.
From an ergonomic point of view, there is a huge difference in the size of living room and dining room furniture.

3. How to integrate a guest restaurant into a small apartment?

①Dining table instead of coffee table

Put a dining table in the middle of the living room, the sofa is still placed as usual, and a dining chair can also be placed opposite the sofa; usually you can have the sofa experience of “Ge You lying” and a convenient and comfortable dining experience. If there are many people, you can move it a little to vacate The location, also has a relaxed dining location.

②Folding coffee table + dining table

If there are few people in the family, you can accept eating on the coffee table; if you want to take into account the comfortable dining experience when there are many people in the family, you can choose a foldable coffee table + dining table, which can be transformed into a dining table by unfolding the coffee table. It can maintain the comfortable living experience of coffee table + sofa.

③Restaurant and leisure

The size of the hall is too small, so you don’t want a sofa and coffee table. You can also use dining tables and chairs as the main layout. You usually sit on the dining table and chairs to chat, drink tea or play board games. Face-to-face interaction can also bring family members closer.

4. In addition to the guest restaurant, what other evolutions have there been in the space design?

① Opening up the balcony of the living room – Many small apartments want to separate the dining room from the living room, but they can’t do it due to the lack of space. Therefore, when decorating, many people put their ideas on the balcony. The whole space is enlarged, and then the design of the separation of guest and dining room is realized.

Dining room and living room, must be distinguished?

② Three-separated toilets – From the three functions of toilet, shower and washing in a small space, to the comfortable bathroom with dry and wet separation, and to the current three-separated toilet, there are more choices in the design of the toilet.

③Open kitchen——In an environment where small apartments are the mainstream, as an open kitchen that can increase the sense of space, it has naturally become an option for many people to decorate.

The living room and dining room are connected together in the layout of the hall in most apartment types. When the area of the hall is too small, you can consider integrating the living room and dining room into one design. Of course, if the space is large enough, the living room will be more comfortable if the dining room is separated from the living room.