diamond cut off wheel matching grinding machine requirements

CBN grinding wheels

1, the rigidity of the grinding machine

Because the cbn abrasive is relatively hard, the force on the grinding wheel shaft is much larger than that of the ordinary grinding wheel, so the grinding machine is required to have greater rigidity than the ordinary grinding wheel

2, the grinding machine should have a higher linear speed and better shock resistance

The high hardness of the cbn grinding wheel allows for a greater depth of cut than ordinary grinding. If the line speed of the grinding wheel is increased, the contact time between the abrasive particle and the workpiece will be shortened, so that the grinding force will be reduced, and the surface roughness value of the workpiece will be correspondingly reduced, and the line speed of the grinding wheel is generally required to be above 60m/s. The higher the grinding wheel speed, the smaller the change ratio between the cumulative section area and surface roughness per unit circumference of grinding wheel. The higher the grinding wheel speed, the better the surface quality of the workpiece.

In addition, the shock resistance of the grinding machine is better when the grinding wheel is rotating at high speed, so as to ensure the high quality of the grinding workpiece and good safety.

3, grinding machine dressing conditions and dressing accuracy

Diamond cbn grinding wheel must be trimmed with diamond roller, not only because the diamond roller dressing efficiency is high, the forming ability is strong, and the dressing surface accuracy is stable, but also because of the large size cbn grinding wheel due to the wear of the diamond pen, knife, etc., in the dressing, the grinding wheel may be uneven. cbn grinding wheel has very high requirements for the feed depth of dressing, because cbn abrasive is more expensive, more than 0.01mm will cause great losses, and the general requirement is less than 0.005mm/time feed depth.
In addition, it also requires high precision of the grinding wheel spindle and good sealing of the machine tool, especially the machine head frame and the bearing part.
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diamond cut off wheel matching grinding machine requirements