Chengdu Treasure Travel: Luodai Ancient Town! Look at the ancient Hakka town, punch in the Hakka Tulou, climb high and look far

When the beginning of spring comes, the sky is getting warmer, and the spring breeze blows on the face without feeling cold. The streets of Chengdu are also permeated with the smell of spring, with dead trees sprouting and spring flowers in bud. The beginning of spring comes with spring flowers laughing, and spring flowers are noisy. In the face of the spring breeze and warm sun, grasp the last moment of the Spring Festival, go to a windy place, look for a scenic spot to heal the soul, and come to Luodai Ancient Town, Chengdu to have a lively Yuanxiao (Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival). The most touching thing is to see the lights of every house.


Recently, the weather in Chengdu is beautiful and the sun is warm. It seems that the Spring Festival is also continuing. It’s Yuanxiao (Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival) Festival on the 15th day of the first month in a flash. People often say that the end of the Chinese New Year is the beginning of the year. This year’s Yuanxiao (Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival) is on the weekend. If you want to go out but don’t want to go too far, come to Luodai Ancient Town to have a look!


Chengdu Luodai Ancient Town, located in Longquanyi District, Chengdu, is a national historical and cultural town, only about 40 minutes’ drive from Chengdu downtown. The beautiful Luodai Ancient Town is one of the four ancient towns in Chengdu, and it is also the largest Hakka distribution center in the west. Overlooking the ups and downs of Longquan Mountain and the fireworks of Luodai Ancient Town.


Luodai Ancient Town: the last “Hakka Kingdom” in Southwest China


Admission: free


Opening hours: all day


Address: No. 999, San’e Street, Luodai Town, Longquanyi District, Chengdu, Sichuan




1。 Self-driving: Starting from Chengdu, passing through Chengdu Ring Expressway, Chongqing-Chengdu Expressway/Xiamen-Chengdu Expressway, to Luodai Ancient Town.


2。 Bus: Take Chengdu Metro Line 4 and get off at Exit B at Xihe Station, then transfer to L024 and get off at the central station of Luodai Passenger Station and walk for 263 meters.


Luodai Ancient Town is famous for being the first Hakka town in western China. This is the largest Hakka settlement in Sichuan and even the whole southwest region. The strong Hakka cultural temperament and lively Hakka life form the “Dongshan Hakka” center in Chengdu. Historically, the “filling of lakes and rivers” has promoted the spread of Hakka culture in the ancient town of Luodai and soaked the cultural phenomenon. Therefore, scholars believe that Luodai Ancient Town, the last “Hakka Kingdom” in southwest China, is also the “living fossil of humanity” of the Central Plains culture.


It is said that Luodai had streets in the Three Kingdoms Period, and then there was a river with a “falling water like a jade belt”, so it was called “Luodai”. Luodai Ancient Town has a history of thousands of years. Walking along the ancient street, the pattern of one street and seven alleys has not changed for thousands of years. Hakka dwellings are well preserved, especially the Guangdong Guild Hall, Jiangxi Guild Hall, Huguang Guild Hall, North Sichuan Guild Hall and Hakka Park, as well as the Lantern Ancient Temple and the Five Phoenix Tower, which are of great ornamental value. The Luodai Guild Hall shows the richness of immigrant culture and the colorful classical architecture.


The warm spring sun shines high in front of the ancient street. Red lanterns hung all over the streets, whitewashed grey walls and black tiles, colored flags fluttered in the wind, and the streets and alleys were filled with a strong holiday atmosphere. Shuttle through the crowded ancient streets, people’s voices of selling goods ring in their ears, and the lanterns are blooming around to reflect the new year. It is amazing to see this scene. The flavor of childhood is back.


Stepping through the mottled bluestone street, looking at the crowds coming and going, and looking at the endless stream of tourists in front of the small stall, the bustling scene makes people deeply moved. The Hakka dragon dance in Luodai is a local feature. If you are lucky to watch it, you will be amazed. In addition, with the arrival of the Yuanxiao (Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival), there are also wonderful Hakka folk performances in the ancient town.


The ancient town of Luodai under the sunset has a quiet traditional beauty. Walking on the ancient street, you can see a variety of snacks, such as stir sugar, sugar and oil fruit, glutinous rice chicken wings, pineapple rice, etc. Among them, the most popular ones are the Hakka people’s original smoked hot goose and Luodai sad jelly.


It is reported that the production process of the fried goose is complex, and it takes seven or eight processes to produce a delicious smoked fried goose after more than 10 hours of cooking. Sad jelly is a delicious food made by Hakka immigrants from Guangdong when they miss their hometown jelly, so it is called “Sad jelly”. However, now tourists are making fun of “Sad Bean Jelly” because it tastes sour and spicy, full of spicy taste, and it looks sad with tears, so it is named. Hakka sad jelly is divided into two kinds: beige pea jelly and rice white jelly, which are very popular among diners. If you can’t eat spicy food, try another Hakka cuisine: mushroom noodle soup, which tastes delicious and the noodles are tender and smooth.


Blog building: punch in “Big Fish and Begonia” with the same type of earth building


Admission: free


Opening hours: 9:00-18:00 in the blog building (the blog town is open all day)


Address: No. 999, San’e Street, Luodai Town, Longquanyi District, Chengdu


Transportation: 1. Self-driving: Starting from Chengdu, via the Chengdu Belt Expressway, Chongqing-Chengdu Expressway/Xiamen-Chengdu Expressway, to the blog building.


2。 Bus: Take Chengdu Metro Line 4 and get off at Exit B at Xihe Station, then transfer to L024 and get off at the central station of Luodai Passenger Station and walk for 936 meters.


There is a Shenzhiwei building in Longyan, Fujian Province. It is the home of Chun in “Big Fish and Begonia”. There is also a “Big Fish Begonia” in Chengdu, which is the blog building hidden next to Luodai Ancient Town, and a “circular fortress” in the mountains. This is the Hakka tulou, which used to protect the people living in it from the wind and rain. It is like a round tulou in a movie, which protects the peace of the Hakka homeland. Today, the blog building has been transformed into a large museum, displaying Hakka folk customs with pictures, implements, words, etc.


The blog building is the landmark building of the blog town. Many people came to Luodai Ancient Town in order to punch in the same type of earth building as “Big Fish and Begonia” and witness the magnificent scenery of the blog building. There are three streets and nine alleys in Blog Town, with hundreds of different courtyards. In terms of architectural style, it combines the architectural styles of Sichuan, Fujian, Shanghai, Jin and Anhui, which is particularly elegant.


The blog building in Luodai is a four-storey Hakka earth building, built with reference to the Yongding Building in Fujian Province, which embodies the wisdom of Hakka people for thousands of years. Looking at the blog building from a distance, it is huge and magnificent. It seems that there is a gap between the blog building and the movie “Big Fish and Begonia”.


Go into the blog building and look up at this round earth building, with red lanterns hanging around it, a peaceful and peaceful picture. The Blog Building and the Five Phoenix Building face each other across the lake. The blending of the two national cultures endows Luodai with colorful cultural heritage.


Jinlong Great Wall: a scenic spot resembling the “Great Wall”


Admission: 30 yuan/person, discount ticket 15 yuan/person


Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00


Address: Xinchangren Road, Luodai Town, Longquanyi District, Chengdu, Sichuan




1。 Self-driving: Starting from the urban area of Chengdu and passing through Chengluo Avenue, Chenghuan Road and Xinchangren Road.


2。 Bus: Take 853a bus from Luodai Passenger Transport Center to Jinlong Great Wall Station


Play items:


1。 Jungle roller coaster: down (adult ticket 50 yuan, child ticket 25 yuan); Up (adult ticket 40 yuan, child ticket 20 yuan)


2。 Jungle roller coaster: round trip (70 yuan for adults and 35 yuan for children)


3。 Jungle slide: the whole journey (30 yuan for adults and 15 yuan for children)


4。 Jungle roller coaster (down)+jungle slide (down): 60 yuan for adults and 30 yuan for children


It is often said that “climbing on the first moon” means “rising high” and good luck. So, starting from Luodai Ancient Town, we arrived at Longquan Golden Dragon Great Wall in only ten minutes.


“A man who does not reach the Great Wall is not a hero”. In the green forest of Longquan Mountain in Chengdu, there is a Great Wall circling around. Because the Great Wall is located near the Jinlong Lake in Luodai Town, it is also known as the Jinlong Great Wall. The length of the Golden Dragon Great Wall is 1680 meters, and it takes about 1.5 hours to climb to the top.


The Great Wall rises vertically and steeply with the front of Longquan Mountain. It requires great perseverance to climb it. It has gradually become a resort for parent-child families to travel, which is intended to exercise the willpower of children. Standing at the top of the Jinlong Great Wall, you can look up and see the clouds and mists in the Longquan Mountains. The rolling mountains are like a natural ink painting. Overlooking Longquan Mountain, the lush mountain forest presents a moving green beauty. The winding Golden Dragon Great Wall, like a coiled dragon, hovers in the mountains, guarding the peace of a side.


When you come down to visit the Golden Dragon Great Wall, you can not only experience the climbing of the Great Wall and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Longquan Mountain, but also experience the slide, rainbow boat, roller coaster, Golden Dragon Lake boating, paraglider, and small train leisure and entertainment projects, which can stimulate and view the beautiful scenery of Longquan Mountain.


At the entrance of the Golden Dragon Great Wall, there is also a small “Lantern Food Festival”, where you can taste a variety of snacks in the midst of a piece of red lanterns. There are also children’s favorite dinosaur paradise and merry-go-round. If you don’t want to climb the Jinlong Great Wall, you can choose to take the sightseeing bus at the entrance of the scenic spot to climb the mountain, and then take the amusement facilities to climb down the mountain or walk down the Great Wall.


Buer Yinlu: Taste delicious private food


Buer Yinlu (Luoshui Store)


Business hours: 10:00-21:00


Per capita: about 150 yuan


Address: beside Luoshui Wetland Park, San’e Street, Longquanyi District, Chengdu


Transportation: You can drive through Chengluo Avenue, Yudai Street and San’e Street.


Only a delicious meal can complete a journey. Next to Luodai Ancient Town, there is an elegant private restaurant. It is hidden in the downtown area. The fresh and elegant courtyard decoration, wide and flat lawn, and quiet and leisurely environment bring diners into a picturesque scenic spot.


Here, you can taste delicious private dishes and enjoy delicious food with great atmosphere. Of course, this is also a good place to bask in the sun and drink tea around the table. Sit on the table in the outdoor area, taste a pot of tea, talk with friends, and wait for the time to pass.


Come to visit Luodai Ancient Town on Yuanxiao (Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival)! Take a look at the ancient Hakka buildings, stroll through the old streets with festive lanterns, and taste the hot oil goose and sad jelly; Punch the card “Big Fish and Begonia” with the same type of earth tower, climb a mountain and a Great Wall, and experience the traditional folk customs of Hakka people. In the breeze and beauty, in the laughter and the sound of opera, have a pleasant and happy holiday.




Chengdu Downtown – Luodai Ancient Town – Xinmin Hotel (eat smoked and hot goose) – Jinlong Great Wall – Blog Building – Buer Yinlu Restaurant – return trip