Who is “the world’s first quantum radar system”?

In May 2020, MIT Technology Review stated that a multinational research team created the world’s first quantum radar system using entangled microwave photons. However, the central enterprise China Electronics Technology announced as early as August 2016 that the first quantum radar system based on single-photon detection was successfully developed at the 14th Institute, and the…

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Getting started with Linux drivers

1. Driver introduction The Linux driver is essentially a software program. The upper layer software can communicate with the computer hardware through the interface provided by the driver without knowing the hardware characteristics. The system call is the interface between the kernel and the application, and the driver is the interface between the kernel and…

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Why learn RTOS When we enter the embedded field, the first thing we often come into contact with is single-chip programming, and the first choice for single-chip programming is 51 single-chip microcomputer to get started. The microcontroller programming mentioned here usually refers to bare-metal programming, that is, programs that do not add any RTOS (Real…

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The sea and the sky are joined together, and the beautiful green trees and red flowers are beautiful in general. Let’s go to Hainan

Hainan is a beautiful place with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, where you can feel the blue sea, blue sky, coconut wind and sea charm, enthusiastic, feel the most romantic tropical customs, appreciate the most spectacular volcanic landforms, what to visit Hainan? See the sea: Sanya, Wanning, Lingshui and other places of the beach, you…

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Is garbage disposal worth starting with?

In today’s increasingly strict garbage classification, garbage classification has become an inevitable trend, no matter how you do not adapt to it. Among several categories, kitchen waste is the most troublesome one, with large quantity, heavy odor and the greatest impact on family living environment. So, black technology “kitchen waste disposal” came into being! But…

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