Attention to the use of industrial LCD screen and safe use

In order to better use industrial LCD screen products, in the use of an industrial LCD screen in the process of a lot of things we need to pay attention to, here for everyone to introduce the use of industrial LCD screen matters needing attention and safe use!

LCD screen transportation damage handling method

1. To ensure that the goods you receive are accurate and undamaged, please open the package and inspect the goods in the presence of the delivery party.

2. If the goods you receive are damaged due to improper transportation, you have the right to claim compensation from the transportation company. Or keep the goods, packing materials, and accessories intact and contact us in time.

Storage of industrial LCD screen

For long-term storage (e.g., several years), we recommend the following:

1. Put into polyethylene bag (preferably with anti-static coating) and seal the mouth

2. Place in the dark to avoid bright light

3. Never press anything on the surface

4. Strictly avoid storage in an environment with temperature and humidity exceeding the limit

Notes for use of LCD screen

Please read the following notes carefully before use to avoid unnecessary damage!

1. Make sure to unplug the cable when the power is off.

2. In order to ensure the stability and safety of the electrical part, the interval between each turn on and turn off shall not be less than 6 seconds.

3. The LCD screen is glass fragile products; Any drop, knock or strong vibration may cause the glass to break; Do not press hard on the LCD display area; Do not force the LCD screen and border when installing; Should pay attention to the overall flatness of the LCD screen, to avoid external forces caused by the LCD screen “bending”, “distortion”.

4. Since the visual characteristics of the LCD screen will change depending on the perspective, the user’s appropriate perspective should be fully considered during the assembly to adjust the optimal perspective of the LCD screen.

5. In use or storage, be careful of the surface polarizer of the LCD screen to avoid scratches by hard objects. (don’t put hard objects on the LCD)

6. In the drive circuit of the display, the inverter part contains high voltage. Please avoid contact during operation to avoid unnecessary damage.

7. The LCD screen works and stores under the specified temperature and temperature range, which may lead to crystal and unrecoverable damage; If the liquid crystal is operated and stored in a temperature range above the specified temperature, the liquid crystal may become isotropic liquid and thus unable to recover its liquid crystal state. Please save and use within the allowed temperature range of this display (see the parameters provided in the performance indicator column for details).

8. The product is a wide voltage dc input, suitable for dc 12V switching power supply. (if the input voltage is less than 12V, the display brightness may be reduced)

9. There are electronic components in the driving part of the circuit on the back of the LCD. During the process of design, assembly, and disposal, it is necessary to avoid extrusion and damage.

10. This product is a precision instrument, which shall not be opened, disassembled, or modified by itself. Otherwise, the LCD screen may be damaged, resulting in normal use.

11. Keep the surface of the LCD screen clean during use and storage. If water droplets stay on the LCD screen for a long time, they may cause discoloration or stains on the surface of the LCD screen; Therefore, when the screen surface has stains, the used cotton or soft cloth to wipe; Do not use gasoline, alcohol or other chemicals to wipe the LCD screen.

12. After use or failure, please turn off the power of the machine in time.

13. To prevent fire or electric shock, please do not place the machine in a wet or wet place.

14. Avoid exposing the LCD module to direct sunlight or ultraviolet light for a long time.

15. If the screen is damaged and the LCD is missing on your hands or clothes, please wash it with soap and water.

16. The liquid crystal module adopts CMOS-less, so it must have good anti-static protection and effective grounding measures when dealing with the liquid crystal module.

17. The display and instructions are subject to continuous upgrades and modifications without prior notice in order to improve performance.

Note on LCD screen control circuit

1. When the plug connector is inserted, it shall be kept at the same level and parallel direction with the connector on the LCD screen.

2. If the product is placed in the air with oxidized or reduced gas for a long time or used in the working environment with reagents, solvents, adhesives, resins, etc. that will produce such gas, the liquid crystal module may be corroded and discolored; Please choose your environment properly.

3. Do not put the module attached to the protective film in a high-temperature environment, otherwise, the protective film may stick to the surface of the module and cannot be removed, which will affect the appearance.

4. During the operation (including when taking it out of the packing box), do not pull the backlight wire forcibly to avoid damaging the wire.

5. It is suggested that the operator should try to wear anti-static clothing and wear a grounding wristband when contacting the LCD module.

6. The external lead of the liquid crystal module is not allowed to be connected wrong, otherwise, it may cause overcurrent, overpressure, and other damage to the module device.

7. When the module USES the access power source and disconnects the power source, the signal level can only be input after the positive power source (5± 0.25v) is stably connected. If the signal level is input before or after the power supply is stabilized, the IC circuit of the module may be damaged.

8. Press hard on the display area, and an abnormal display will occur. Disconnect the power supply and return to normal after recharging.

Frequently asked questions and solutions

1. Black screen: if the black screen is found after power is switched on, please disconnect the power immediately. First, check whether the output of the power supply is normal. The normal supply voltage is dc +12v±2. Check whether the polarity of the power supply is correct. The inverter output is about 400V high voltage, please do not touch directly with your hands, so as not to cause danger.

2. White screen: the LCD screen appears all white, please disconnect the power. Check that each wire of the external interface is connected correctly and that the screen wire is loose, tilted, or detached. Rewire the screen and power it back on.

3. Flower screen: disordered color appears on the LCD screen. Please disconnect the power supply and check whether the screen line is loose or tilted. Rewire the screen and power it back on.

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Attention to the use of industrial LCD screen and safe use