After the liberalization of customs clearance, the number of mainland tourists going to Hong Kong has decreased a lot

Introduction: Speaking of Hong Kong, many daigou may think it is a very “fragrant” place. In some peak tourist seasons, many areas in Hong Kong are simply overcrowded and hard to walk, even busier than countries such as South Korea and Japan. Because it is a duty-free paradise, many purchasing agents can get authentic products at lower prices from the counters here. Between buying and selling, they also made a lot of money. However, some time ago, even after Hong Kong opened up customs clearance, many mainlanders chose not to go to Hong Kong. What is the truth behind this abnormal phenomenon?

In the past, a purchasing agent in Hong Kong could earn more than 2 to 3 million yuan a year, which was equivalent to the annual profit of a small and micro enterprise. This is not alarmist talk, but true.

Precisely because the tariffs on many Hong Kong products are relatively low, the profit margins have been greatly improved, and purchasing agents only need to carry the goods back with human flesh, and they don’t have to worry about running out of money. At the same time, since there is a certain exchange rate difference between the Hong Kong dollar and the renminbi, this can also make a lot of people who are well versed in this principle earn a lot of money.

Take a friend who has 13 years of purchasing experience as a purchasing agent. During the first month of his first purchase as a purchasing agent, he found that his weekly income exceeded his monthly salary. Therefore, in 2014 When he was working, he made a bold decision to work as a purchasing agent full-time.

Although in recent years, the mainland and Hong Kong governments have introduced various policies to control the proliferation of purchasing agents, but for some friends who have lived in Hong Kong for a long time, it seems that this is not difficult for them.

In fact, in addition to purchasing beauty makeup, he also purchases luxury goods, electronic products and other items for customers in need. Relying on this, he actually bought three houses in Shenzhen in just five years, and his annual income exceeded more than 2 million.

However, nowadays, many people directly say that Hong Kong has become less “fragrant”. Why is this? Thinking about it carefully, this is nothing more than the following reasons.

First of all, with the development of the times, the growth rate of economic development in the Mainland may far exceed that of Hong Kong. Even though Hong Kong is a famous tax-free paradise, most tourists are no longer proud of going to Hong Kong. What is even more abnormal is that many Hong Kong tourists have given birth to the idea of settling in the mainland instead.

It may be that the wind and water are changing. Seeing the widening gap between the rich and the poor in Hong Kong, coupled with the high prices and housing prices, some Hong Kong people will also “migrate” to the inland areas after they have saved up, so as to work hard to create something of their own. world.

At the same time, although Hong Kong has a free medical policy and other good welfare benefits, the civil strife that breaks out from time to time is still frightening, especially the more aggressive Hong Kong independence elements who have repeatedly undermined Hong Kong’s social stability, which makes many mainland tourists. They dare not take risks in Hong Kong.

For them, this is a risky approach. If you are not careful, it is very likely that you will put your life in danger.

I don’t know when it started. On the streets of Hong Kong, many Hong Kong people may have a kind of discrimination and prejudice against mainlanders, so that when most tourists ask the locals for directions in Mandarin, many shop assistants or passers-by will Roll your eyes directly.

When many Internet celebrities and big Vs went to Hong Kong to travel or visit stores, they accidentally discovered that this kind of xenophobia has been repeatedly banned. It may be that this kind of xenophobia has stimulated the keen nerves of many mainland tourists. In recent years, more and more Some people choose not to go to Hong Kong to play, but to take a lot of money to Thailand and other Southeast Asian regions with better service attitude.

Furthermore, after the emergence of duty-free shops in Hainan, the advantages of Hong Kong’s duty-free shops are no longer what they used to be. Therefore, after weighing the pros and cons, many people think that although going to Hong Kong has become more convenient and efficient, for them, various The bad impression of them will make them no longer want to go to Hong Kong to spend money to buy sins.

the number of mainland tourists going to Hong Kong has decreased a lot

In general, with the rapid rise of first-tier cities such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou, more and more mainland tourists can still have a good time just by visiting the mainland. From this point of view, instead of going to the crowded Sham Shui Po or Kowloon area to experience the “crowded” experience, it is better to go to some prosperous cities in the Mainland to broaden your horizons.