A tent talks to the stars and plays with the exquisite “village tide”

Set up a tent, three or five relatives and friends, look up at the starry sky together, accompanied by food and music, and green space as a blanket; The beautiful scenery in the sun comes into our eyes, and the fragrance of nature’s plants and flowers seeps into our noses. This is how we relax our body and mind during the holiday!


Take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday to take a delicate journey, take the cute kids to experience a camping trip, let them run freely. When camping has become a new hot word for peripheral tourism, whether it is camping in the park with equipment or participating in camp camping; Comfort and relaxation are the main demands of people for the Spring Festival camping experience, whether it is the experiential camping without staying overnight or the camping game of “staying with a bag”.


A new interpretation of idioms

“Cute tiger out of the mountain”: After the holiday, “Cute tiger out of the mountain”, where do you go after you leave the mountain? The answer is campsite! Exquisite camping starts! Experience camping in a special camp, which is very interesting.


Set up a tent and play “village tide”


“Back to the countryside, now we are camping to play the ‘village tide’!” said Kenneth, the head of Zhenyu. In fact, the exquisite experience of camping has become a popular symbol of peripheral tourism in the past two years. In the wind of rural tourism, camping, as one of the experience ways of deeply linking the countryside, integrates the unique experience of beauty, food and other characteristics, and adds elements such as culture and music, combining with festival nodes, to constantly enrich the experience of rural camping.


In some campsites in the surrounding villages and scenic spots, tourists can sign up to participate in the exquisite camping experience launched by professional camping planning companies. The cost is about two or three hundred yuan per person if they don’t stay overnight. These professional camping planning companies will set up a series of facilities such as tents, tables and chairs, furnishings and decorations, and food, and organize various game activities and theme activities. Participants can sign up in advance. The time arrangement is flexible, and the atmosphere is also very relaxed. “I have experienced two or three sleepless camps. I can sign up two or three days in advance, go alone or ask friends to go together. My favorite is music and film-themed camping, and I will meet some like-minded new friends.” “After 95” music teacher Miss Huang said that camping is a social arena for young people. In the evening, everyone can enjoy food, watch movies, listen to music, and sometimes hold impromptu concerts, Everyone is in high spirits.


For parent-child families, camping in the beautiful countryside has also become a new way to walk children, and can also take children to experience the customs of the New Year. In a series of camping activities planned by MyDeer Travel recently for the Spring Festival, it added the traditional experience such as DIY Spring Festival, which added the sense of ceremony of the Spring Festival camping. We carefully wrote down the blessings of the Spring Festival with a brush, expressing the full blessings of the Spring Festival. “I didn’t expect to experience the New Year in the process of camping. The children are still writing Spring Festival for the first time, and the New Year will come soon,” said Ms. Cheng, the parent.


Of course, in addition to the rural natural beauty environment, the camping environment should look pleasing to the eye, and there are a series of colorful activities, quality is also the key point of strict control in the exquisite camping experience. The so-called “food is the most important thing for the people”. Food is an exquisite part of camping life. The person in charge of Milu Travel, “Uncle Rabin”, told the reporter that in the near future, we will cooperate with the catering company and plan to take food as the highlight of the camp. For example, in the Zinan Village camp in Nanzhuang Town, Foshan, we will test the water to launch a Roasted whole lamb feast, and the food cooked on the spot will make people feel excited.


You can choose whether to stay overnight or not


The reporter learned from the interview that, in addition to the camping experience in the city with tents, the exquisite camping without overnight as a new tourism and leisure experience project has also become a hot spot for holiday experience. Unlike the traditional impression that camping is to stay overnight in the past, camping without staying overnight has also become a symbol of fashion.


The camp that does not stay overnight, because it does not need to prepare luggage and other things, can be said to leave. In addition, the distance from the camp and the arrangement of activities meet the needs of the day’s round trip, and is more popular with the experience. Generally, the campsites that do not stay overnight are located in some small campsites, or in public spaces such as university town and biological island, which are relatively close to the urban area. Usually, everyone arrives at the campsite in the afternoon. The tents and food on the dining table in the campsite are ready, and you don’t need to do it yourself, just enjoy the camping atmosphere.


If you choose to camp overnight, it is recommended to choose a reservation from a professional camp. Nowadays, many comprehensive resorts and RV camps have launched special deep camping experience camps. The wild luxury camping, wooden house villas, RV and other houses in the tent are rich and colorful, which makes the deep camping experience in the surrounding areas more diversified.


It’s not difficult to get ready in advance and play with features


Mode 1: camping features in urban parks: bring your own equipment and leave as soon as you say


Tips: If you have tents, cushions, picnic chairs and other camping equipment in your home, you can consider planning a camping experience in the city park. The desire for different camping experiences can be realized in the urban park lawn where tents are allowed to be built, or in the natural rural green space in the suburbs.


However, when experiencing such self-help camping in public space, it is necessary to plan the time in advance, especially during weekends and holidays. It is best to experience peak shifting and avoid crowding.


At the same time, we should also comply with some public camping regulations, such as the size of the tent should meet the regulations, mainly small and medium-sized household tents, and should not be fixed with foot nails. We should pay attention to civilized travel, not cooking, loud noise, littering, etc., and jointly maintain good order.


Method 2: go to the camp to participate in the camping experience


Features: organized by specially-assigned person, hands-free, rich activities, and overnight


Support: Nowadays, there are many special camps around Guangzhou, providing various camping services and experiences. The advantage of camping experience in this kind of camp is that there are specially-assigned personnel to organize and set up tents, prepare food, etc., and you can start the life of high-beauty camp on the spot. Many experienced camps will also organize various theme activities, which are rich in activities. At the same time, some campsites with complete facilities can also provide overnight camping services. If you don’t want to live in a tent, you can live in other more comfortable rooms in the camp. You can have camping experience and live comfortably. These camps are usually located in beautiful places such as lakes, rivers and forests, and can take beautiful pictures. However, in hot holidays, some campsites with better facilities will be quite tight, so you must book in advance.


Camping guide: Camping is not closed during holidays!


Zengcheng Wind Chime Valley Hub Camp: The camp is named because it is located in the valley of yellow flowers and wind bells. There are many interesting activities in the camp, such as off-road vehicle experience, barbecue party, etc. During the Spring Festival, there are China-Chic scene card punching, Spring Festival couplet calligraphy, bonfire party to see the old off and welcome the new, and other New Year activities. This camp can also be checked in with bags, and has facilities such as toilets and showers.


Panyu CP1 camp: The camp is located near the Asian Games City, with convenient transportation and a relatively wide area. Children can try outdoor activities such as cycling, paddling and climbing. The camp has a kiln experience. You can try barbecue, pizza and other delicacies.


Huadu Beiji Camping: a popular place for “Sen Series” overnight camping in Guangzhou, located by the Peach Blossom Lake, where you can look up at the stars at night. The main feature is that there are many types of houses, such as tents, motorhomes, wooden houses, etc., suitable for different family combinations. Children can experience activities such as rainbow slide and jungle crossing.


Huadu Baosangyuan Camping Base: This is a campsite located in the mulberry orchard, with various accommodation styles, such as luxury tents, row of parent-child rooms, three/four room courtyards, etc. In addition to accommodation, you can also experience the camping afternoon tea package and feel relaxed.


Conghua Sanyatanglu Camp: Located in the Wuzhishan scenic spot in the south of Liuxihe National Forest Park, it has complete facilities. If you bring your own tent, you can rent a tent, and there are other places to choose from, such as the riverside. If you don’t have a tent, you can rent various tents to camp.


Conghua Xitou campsite: Located on the natural lawn between Xitou Village and Qianlong Valley scenic spot, there are abundant recreational activities, such as the Hongwen mineral spring bubble pool of hydrophilic network, mountain bike, etc.