7 characteristics of small laser engraving machine become your important choice for purchasing machine

There are many small laser engraving machines on the market, there is no need to worry about where to buy. Imported original machines, domestic self-designed everything, so which brand of laser engraving machine is good? What are the important features of choosing a small laser engraving machine? The following points of reason will have some help to your selection enough?

1.The carving of different materials is the basis for choosing a small laser engraving machine. Engraving machine is divided into fiber laser engraving machine and diode laser engraving machine. The former for metal-based, the latter for non-metal-based.

2.How the material needs to be processed, the general function of small laser engraving machine has 3 kinds, engraving, cutting and marking, of course, according to the small laser engraving machine wattage is different. At the same time to realize these three functions of the 10w small laser engraving machine is more appropriate!

3.The size of the area of the material to be engraved, according to the size to be engraved to buy laser engraving machine, the right amount, choose a large area of laser engraving machine, not only expensive and wasteful, and a small area of the material is not good to play. Engraving speed will be relatively speaking slower.

4. The power is different. Carve way small laser engraving machine is divided into 3w small laser engraving machine and 10w laser engraving machine, and fiber 20w laser engraving machine. According to your different materials will make different choices, 3 w small laser engraving machine can be engraved wood, plastic acrylic (white and transparent need to be black surface treatment), leather, bamboo. Bone and other fire can be burned material, you can also add color paper on ceramic glass crystal and other materials engraving. 10W engraving machine is 3W engraving machine can be engraved on the basis of material, additional engraving can be Coke cans, stainless steel (brushed surface and matte surface of two kinds), a variety of cell phone back, anodic oxidation, electrophoretic paint, dark plating and other metal materials. For stainless steel, cola cans material we recommend using 10W (dt1) small laser engraving machine, the effect is better. Specific to the metal laser engraving, we will choose the metal engraving machine.

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5.The engraving speed, I believe that most customers want a fast speed to complete the product, that only fast, large volume to create more profits. But here is a drawback speed, does not equal to good quality. Speed and quality and good price will be high. So in the choice of more consideration is cost-effective. This time will be more recommended to use fiber 20w laser engraving machine.

6.Engraving accuracy: small laser engraving machine in the engraving accuracy can be kept very accurate, as long as the focus is correct, accuracy can not worry. 7.After-sales service: small laser engraving machine in the after-sales

7. Generally is the whole machine lifetime warranty, so that you do not have to worry about technical problems in the use of the process.