2023 year-round travel destination recommendations, remember to collect!

Do you still owe yourself a trip to go?

The days of staying indoors

Temporarily shut off our hearts for freedom

But you and I need to spread our wings

To enjoy the great rivers and mountains

To feel walking on the road


Pack your bags and set off together

Continue an unfinished journey

Recommendations for the best travel destinations from January to December are welcome to add in the comments section!

Best places to go in January
Kanas, Xinjiang: In winter, Kanas is pure and pure, silvery and serene. The world covered by snow and ice is plain and simple.

Celimu Lake Blue Ice: Huge bubbles on the lake ice, frozen instantly, as if time stood still.

Religious festivals in Tongren, Qinghai Province: During the Spring Festival, various temple activities are rich and colorful, covering all humanities, religion, folk customs and festivals.

Northeast: Enjoy ice lanterns and snow sculptures, look for traces of aurora, and see the rime.

Hainan: Escape the winter under the Sunshine coast. (available from November to March)

Best places to go in February
Gannan: Since the eighth day of the first lunar month, various temple activities are rich and colorful, covering culture, religion, folk customs and festivals.

Yunnan: Luoping rapeseed flowers in full bloom, Yuanyang terraces depict natural landscape paintings.

Jilin Rime Island: Visit the jade trees and Qionghua in full bloom.

Longyan, Fujian Province: “The most beautiful cherry blossom Mecca in China”, more than 100,000 cherry blossoms compete for splendor in February.

Best places to go in March
Nyingchi, Xizang: Snow-capped mountains reflect peach blossoms in search of China’s most beautiful spring

Pamir Plateau: Apricot blossoms in the fields, front and back of the house, together with sheep at dusk and children playing, are the most beautiful paintings of home in Pamir Plateau in March.

Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province: In mid-to-late March, pink peach trees and white pear flowers dotted the mountains with golden rape flowers, which reflect the Hui-style buildings with white walls and gray tiles, making it possible for anyone to find a home after escaping the complex city.

Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province: Feeling the fireworks in Yangzhou in March, enjoying a melodious melody by the slender West Lake.

Wuhan, Hubei Province: Romantic cherry blossoms, colorful, walk in Wu University, feel the most beautiful March.

Dali, Yunnan Province: The red rhododendron on the west slope of Cangshan Mountain, and Eryuan’s pear flowers on Bi Lake are as white as snow, and the cherry blossoms at Dali College are more compassionate.

Wuxi, Jiangsu Province: As one of the “world’s three cherry blossom attractions”, in March, the cherry blossoms are as beautiful as clouds and clouds, and the trees are in full bloom.

Chimelong, Guangdong: Skip the Spring Festival rush and take a family trip to Chimelong.


Best places to go in April
Yili, Xinjiang: In April, the grassland grass in Yili Valley begins to grow in spring. Thousands of wild apricots blossom on the grassland, covering the hills and slopes. The branches and roots are connected, and the fragrant wind is long and rosy.

Xishuangbanna, Yunnan: Feel the water Splashing Festival extravaganza

Luoyang, Henan Province: “Luoyang flower is the most suitable, especially peony. The breeze blows, the flowers sway in the wind, a city is immersed in poetry and flowers.

Danba, Jiayang, Sichuan: The pear flowers in Danba are like a fairyland on earth. The little train in Jiayang blows its whistle and passes through the golden rape flowers.

Best places to go in May
Xiamen, Fujian: A cup of coffee on the corner of Gulangyu Island, with melodious music, feels the warmth and elegance of Xiamen. (For all seasons)

Shangri-la, Yunnan: Melting ice and snow, everything grows, beautiful azaleas are in full bloom.

Shennongjia, Hubei Province: In summer, snow flies and rime clouds the mountains. The azalea blooms like a fairyland.

Hangzhou, Zhejiang: Walk by the West Lake, wait for the setting sun, taste a wisp of time.

Niubei Mountain, Sichuan Province: This is the best time of year to see the magnificent sea of clouds in Niubei Mountain, with few people and beautiful scenery.

Wuzhen, Nanxun, Xitang: Green SLATE oil paper umbrella, Wusheng boat to enjoy the Jiangnan.

Xiapu, Fujian: The golden beach under the setting sun looks like a beautiful dream. (For all seasons)


Best places to go in June
Yili, Xinjiang: The spring in Yili Valley is full of grass, flowers are in full bloom, and the romance of 10,000 mu lavender is encountered in Huocheng.

Gannan, Gansu Province: The climate here is cool and pleasant, come here to feel more pure Tibetan time than Tibet. (available from 5 to 10 months)

Hulunbuir Grassland, Inner Mongolia: the sky is grey, the wild boundless, the wind blows the grass low see cattle and sheep.

Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province: The magical planet of Pandora is shrouded in dreamy clouds and towering mountains.

Tibet: Starting from June, this place will be popular in the whole country, with majestic snow mountains, clear rivers, blue lakes, and the Tibet time you yearn for. (available from 5 to 10 months)

Enshi, Hubei Province: The mountains are green, the water is long flowing, there are mountains, water and flowers.

Best places to go in July
Many people have a special love for Northwest China and want to explore the extreme beauty there. In fact, one trip is enough. It covers the most classic beauty of Northwest China, including wonders and telling and inheriting Chinese civilization. (Available from May to October, including: Yellow River Scenery, Colorful Danxia, Jiayuguan Castle Tower, Crescent Spring of Mingsha Mountain, Mogao Grottoes, Aiken Spring, Erboliang, Floating Yadan, Jade Lake, East/West Tai Jiner Lake, Chaka Salt Lake, Jade Lake)

Xinjiang Duku Highway: “The landscape road running through the backbone of Tianshan Mountains”, is also one of the most beautiful roads in China.

Ngari, Tibet: Discover Guge Dynasty, walk Kailash, walk Mansarovar. (available from 5 to 10 months)

Menyuan, Qinghai Province: 10,000 mu of rapeseed flowers bloom.

Chengde, Hebei: Enjoy the scenery and summer heat.

G317/G318: The Most Beautiful road Trip.

Best places to go in August
Guizhou: From Huangguoshu Waterfall to Fanjing Mountain, from Wanfeng Forest to Qianhu Miao Village, this is a destination you can’t miss. (available from 5 to 10 months)

Guangxi: Guilin has the best landscape and the picturesque Detian Waterfall. (available from 5 to 10 months)

Henan: Shaolin Temple, Longmen Grottoes, Yin Ruins, Hometown of the Yellow Emperor…… Too much to see (available from March to November)

Shandong: Mount Tai, the first of the five Mountains, Laoshan, the “first mountain” on the sea, the hometown of Confucius, feel hospitable Shandong. (available from 5 to 10 months)

Best places to go in September
Daocheng Yading, Sichuan Province: The last piece of pure land on the aqua blue planet, in September.

Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan Province: Back in Jiuzhaigou, not looking at the water, the Jiuzhaigou Valley is colorful in autumn.

Kanas, Xinjiang: With the smoke curling from wood cooking, the Sanwan air wafting, and the return of white haba herders, Kanas in September is a color palette in the hands of God.

Alshan Mountain, Inner Mongolia: In autumn, Alshan Mountain looks like a fairy tale world, colorful and beautiful.

Jiangxi Huangling: The autumn of Huangling, persimmon, red maple, imperial chrysanthemum… Are not hidden in the sun autumn scenery, the most colorful, the scenery is the most beautiful.

Best places to go in October
Ejin Banner, Inner Mongolia: Desert, Gobi, sunset, Euphratica, 380,000 mu of golden, walk in the forest, step by step brilliant.

Gansu Jinta: The water populus euphratica here is more flexible and beautiful. It is a wonderful painting without a walk.

Populus euphratica in southern Xinjiang: strange shape, myriad gestures, tall and sturdy body, or bend and fall, or cry, or silent, or heroic.

Xiangshan, Beijing: The leaves of cotinus all over the mountains are as red as flames, and deep purple after frost.

Bashang, Hebei Province: The autumn scenery here is magnificent and colorful, and the incoming force is turbulent and shocking.

Best places to go in November
Tengchong, Yunnan: A small mountain village is covered in golden yellow by tall ginkgo trees. Ginkgo leaves cover the courtyard of the village like a golden carpet.

Guangwu Mountain, Sichuan Province: known as the “Hometown of Red Leaves in China”. Travel Guangwushan, can perceive the “light in the fog wear, fog around the mountain” gentle and graceful, enjoy the “sunshine incense mountain, sea of clouds dance nine days” majestic, enjoy the “color than peach blossom brilliant, autumn such as spring thick” magnificent red leaf beauty.

Weizhou Island, Guangxi: A good place to avoid the cold sea breeze blowing, soft beach lingering. (available from November to March)

Best places to go in December
Harbin, Heilongjiang: The whole world is covered in snow, especially beautiful, to see ice sculptures, to go skiing, to eat Ma Diere popsicles, to eat pickled cabbage black pudding.

Changbai Mountain, Jilin Province: The beauty of Changbai Mountain in winter is truly extraordinary! Dense Tianchi, silver-covered jungle, mysterious green Pool and other wonders and exotic scenery, all of a sudden bring you to a snow wonderland.

Xishuangbanna, Yunnan: It has a tropical rainforest climate with little temperature difference between morning and evening, which is very suitable for winter tourism.

Huangshan Mountain, Anhui Province: The snow color of Huangshan ink dye, snow and fog pine wonders.